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Thread: Making progress but still feeling weak

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    Making progress but still feeling weak

    I did hit new PRs using not so perfect form yet I still feel very weak compared to a lot of lifters. Ive decided to take up PLing so I can no longer be a weak *****. Im definitely going to keep my BF in check and will always have lower than 15% (at least ill try). The good thing about that is if I wanted to be ripped, dedicate 2-3 months to cutting and voila, a not so toned body is now alot more toned (assuming the cut was done properly).

    I seem to be fighting an uphill battle. Its pretty evident now that im not pro or competition quality in terms of genetics. Ive trained long enough to know if im made to lift (my technique isnt that bad which removes that factor). I dont see myself with a total surpassing 1000 in a long time... My newbie gains were kind of wimpy and everything after is going to slow down. I just started BB benching after doing DB for a long time and 135 felt like a tonne of bricks. I usually bench 65 DB 5x5 on a dang incline with no problems yet struggled on the last rep of a 5x5 135 on a BB flat... Talk about a depressing workout.

    I think a knowledgeable lifting partner would do me well but those seem to be scarce. Luckily my university will be opening up a lifting club which I will join and hopefully get help from some PLers there if there are any.

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    You need to start a journal so you can get help from us WBBers!

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    A lifting partner definitely sounds like a good idea.

    You're gonna have to chose what you really want though. If you truly want to be as strong as possible and maybe even take up power lifting then you can't worry about your appearance quite as much. If you do care how you look then you'll have sacrifice a little strength. I know you can be a powerlifter and still look great, but of course you'll have to sacrifice some gains to stay at a semi-low bf percent.

    If you really want to powerlift, find some good people to lift with and go for it.
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    At the meet you met a few fellow powerlifters. Get on the horn man, Im sure some of the members are close to you.
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    Journal sounds like a good idea!

    Invain, sacrificing some strength to look that much better doesn't bother me. Plus, if I were to compete, losing a few pounds could knock me down a category (this is just speculation, I know nothing of powerlifting competitions).

    If there are any members in London Ontario I would be happy to lift with them during the school year!

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    Have a check of my journal and have a look at the first page, I would of been a weak **** then. Hell, a weak **** now - the feeling of being less than you can be is always there, and face it ;if you ain't on the PL USA top 50, your weak too.

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