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Thread: Pound of Muscle, Pound of Fat

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    Pound of Muscle, Pound of Fat

    To lose a pound of fat, you must create a caloric deficit of 3500 kcal.

    However, how much of a caloric surplus must you create to gain a pound of muscle?

    I searched this site and did not find an answer. I found an answer from Google, but it was from a site that said one gram of fat and one gram of protein had the same caloric content, so I don't think the site is too trustworthy.

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    It's impossible to figure this out. It all depends on the individual based on experience, training, rest, stress levels, etc...

    But yeah, a gram of fat is 9 calories and protein is 4. So no, that site is not trustworthy.
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    Let me rephrase my question a little bit.

    How much of a caloric defecit would you need to lose a pound of muscle? As in if you were to use a pound of muscle as fuel, how much energy would result from this process?

    I'm not asking this question because I want to cut away muscle, but I'm asking because I recently became ill and could barely consume 500 kcal a day.

    End result, I am trying to calculate the maxmium amount of muscle mass I could have lost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brownbear View Post
    How much of a caloric defecit would you need to lose a pound of muscle?
    ~600 cals.

    Muscle is 70% water.

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    3500 calories/ 1lb fat x 1 lb fat/453.6 g fat x 1 g fat/9 calories x 4 calories/1 g protein x 453.6 g protein/ 1 lb protein = (3500 x 4) calories / 9 lbs protein = 1555.5 calories/ 1 lb protein
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