The wonderful thing about perfection is that it doesn't exist. My quest for perfection isn't about perfection itself, but rather the joy and struggle of trying to attain it.

It is in my character to be different than others and to choose paths based on what I want. I play classical guitar in a world where rock guitar prevails... I lift heavy weights and run in a world where people sit on their asses and do nothing all day. It is also in my character to want to be better than everyone else in a sense that average people lead average lives with average paychecks. I want to be better than the average person so I stick out. Average people accomplish average feats. I do not wish to be "just another" weightlifter or guitarist. It has always been my goal to do the best I can at what ever I set my mind to, this is where you guys come in.

I have decided to give powerlifting a try. Aesthetically I don't want to be huge even if its all muscle, I just dont have a desire for that. I do want to be bigger than I am now and possibly leaner. Wonderful thing about PLers is that you can be small but strong as ****.
I dont know squat (pun intended ) about powerlifting. All I know is that all the focus is on squat bench and deadlift. The totals of the 3 determine the winner (I think).

As for a routine, Westside was recommended. But a routine is worthless without the trade powerlifting techniques. I would really like someone to personally teach me how to lift but that doesnt seem like a possibility at the moment.

Here are my stats

Age: 19
Weight: 178
BF%: ~15%
Squat: 225 (half assed)
Deadlift: 300 (not as half assed as the squat but still half assed)
Bench: 170 in my prime of BB, but now probably even lower

So im around a half assed 700 for a total, not cool. I want to be stronger. I want to have more real muscle (not show off muscle, I was never much of a poser. Not saying BBers are posers in a sense that they are trying to pretend to be strong but in a sense that the average person who BBs isnt strong but thinks he is...).
I will post what I can, im still new tot his journal stuff