Today, while doing lower body workout, I got a wicked headache. I was on my second set of squats and at about rep 4, BAM! It just hit me. My whole head had an intense burning like pain from the middle of my neck all the way around to my forehead.

Now, let me tell you the two things I did differently today that I haven't done before, if it matters.

1. I went at about 11am. I usually workout between 6am -7am.

2. I did my squats truely freeweight. I usually do them on a Smith machine as that was all I had available, but we joined a new Gym today and thy have a couple squat racks.

I do good deep squats, and I *think* my form was good, but I've never felt this before.

Any tips as to what I did wrong or why I felt this way? Could it be diet (usually workout before eating first thing in the AM). This day, I had breakfast first. Needless to day, I'd rather not have it happen again. It almost felt like I was having an embolism or something!

Thanks in advance...


PS. After it happend once, it lingered with less intensity with other excersizes.