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Thread: squats and knee pain

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    squats and knee pain

    I've always had pain in my knees. I remember it first occurring when I was nine or ten years old. At the time, we thought it might have had something to do with me growing; I was always a big kid and I am 6'5 now. The knee pain has persisted, even as I have gotten older (twenty five) and stopped growing. Some of it may be brought on from years of playing basketball and football as well. A couple years ago I started taking a fish oil supplement every day because I heard it was good for joint pain among other things, and it has worked pretty well.
    Anyways, I want to start squatting, but I am afraid that it will cause me even more pain in my knees. I've tried to squat down with no weights and no bar (just to see what it feels like), and the pressure I feel on my knees is pretty tangible. I am afraid that the pain will increase if I use a barbell with weight on it, even if it is only like one hundred pounds. Would you guys have any advice? I appreciate any advice you can offer me. Thanks.

    By the way, I am 6'5, 247 pounds. I am cutting right now, and I have gone from 265 to 247 so far. My body fat percentage is fairly high; I believe it is around 23 percent, but who knows (it is dropping). I suck at using calipers lol. I don't know if any of that information is of use to you; I just thought I would throw it out there just in case. Thanks again, guys and gals.

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    I recommend seeing a sports doctor. If you're experiencing extreme tightness and pressure in your knees doing bodyweight squats, you really should get your knees checked out before doing anything.

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