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Thread: Help a Skinny Kid Gain Weight! Please correct any mistakes I may have!

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    Help a Skinny Kid Gain Weight! Please correct any mistakes I may have!

    Hello everybody....

    I've recently decided to really focus on lifting weights. I've been active for years now, riding mountain bikes, climbing, and running. However, I'm moving (to Atlanta) where I'll be cooped up inside nearly all day long, BUT will have access to a GREAT gym to blow off some steam.

    So, I've been lifting at home trying to build a foundation...and found out its extremely fun! My 'stats' - I am 24 years old, 5'7" and 122lbs, very very little body fat. I've been lifting a few days a week for about a month now.

    My goals are to get BIG! I've always been a little guy....I want to be a BIG guy now....I also want to be STRONG (which I assume will come along with some much needed mass gains).

    I've upped my caloric intake to about 3,200 calories a day (I estimate this is about 1k more calories than I have been eating). I have cut out all aerobic activity other than 10 mins riding a stationary bike before lifting (as a warmup).

    I'm trying to lift mon-wed-fri, but have settled on instead a 1day on, 1day off, 1 day on, 2 day off schedule for a couple weeks since yesterday (friday) I was still 'systemically tired' from wednesday's workout (but I will hopefully soon have the stamina to do mon-wed-fri).

    My routine is:
    10 mins stationary bike (med. intensity)
    move through some warm up sets (low weight)
    Squat 2x12
    Calf Raises 2x20
    DB bench Press 2x15
    DB Curl 2x12
    Row 2x15
    Tricep Ext 2x15
    Shrugs 2x20
    Abs 3x15

    I'm also going to incorporate deadlifts (after squats or before I do not know) as soon as I can get some help understanding exactly how to do them with good form.

    Now, I know the reps are a little high, but I am under the impression that the higher reps and lower weight will help build a foundation (targetting not only the isolated muscles but also stabilizing muscles). I will make a progression down to heavier weight and 8 reps soonish.

    To give you an idea of the weight, I am curling 25 pounds (and that is pretty hard by the 11th or 12th one!) and the DB bench, rows, tri extensions, shrugs are done with 30 pound weights. Those are not so hard really I feel I could increase, but am being conservative with that for at least a couple more weeks.

    Am I missing anything? I am hoping I am going about things right. One of my problems is not resting enough (I overtrained while training for climbing a few times resulting in minor injuries).

    I've read through some archived posts here and really benefitted from everybody's knowledge. Maybe you can point out any errors in my plan here with the thought in mind that my plan is to gain MASS.

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