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    Rinse - Repeat

    July 16th, 2007

    I've been reading this website on and off for little over two months while trying to achieve something that everyone wants. Muscle, Mass, and Strength. Today, I finally got around to writing a journal and yes, I have never posted before. I always just researched what I needed and took other peoples advice on what to do if a thread of an article caught my attention. Any question I had always seemed to be there. Now it's time to create something I can look back on and gauge my progress.

    I've been weightlifting now for just about six months, this month will be the seventh and I’ve never really had any major goals other then to gain weight as I was 5'7 and weighted 132 lbs. I was extremely light, in fact my gf who is 5'1.5 and 103 lbs looked bigger then me. Scary thought. So I figured I would start weightlifting to become, larger? than my gf (who as I mentioned before is ridiculously small....) Soon I began to see changes and I became addicted to watching my body change. After 6 month's I'm up to 157 lbs at 5'7 and finally decided to stop my old routine, which I had been doing for just about 4 months, with in the next two days (Resting from my last body draining workout) to start the WBB 1.1 routine.

    3100-3500 Daily: 150+ g’s of protein ( I don’t know carbs or fat, but fat’s are low)
    Bf%: No ideas

    Protein, Fish oil, Daily Vitamins, Creatine

    I have no current on RM , In fact I’ve never had any specific goal to lead to failure or being upset other then to grow and become what I was not and so far that’s worked. I know everyone else has set records on how much weight, but I feel if you train hard and eat right with limitless goals there will never be disappointment. The one goal I have now is to incorporate legs into the workout process including deadlifts and squats which I have never done before. I tried a deadlift with semi success and after reading an article debating why you should and should deadlift/squat and coming to the conclusion the body grows as a whole, I decided it would be beyond good to add these into the routine, hence why I’m starting WBB 1.1

    On Wednesday after two days of rest to start fresh, I will be starting my first day of WBB 1.1

    Any advice and comments are welcome
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