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    Quote Originally Posted by thecityalive View Post
    Digging the numbers on the box. what flavor of results did you get....first impressions?
    Scheduled delivery is Tuesday, did the blue raspberry or whatever it's called.

    Quote Originally Posted by f=ma View Post
    our routines are remarkably similar in order and exercise selection

    pretty strong deads here too. solid stuff
    I have the hamstrings of a 5 year old girl, it's pretty embarrassing.


    Went to SkyZone last night, it's basically an indoor trampoline park then went out drinking on top of a heavy lower body day... I was very very very tired and warn out today.

    Me upper turned recovery:

    205x1 - pain so I stopped

    Pin Press:

    HS chest:
    25lbs (perside)x10
    25lbs (perside)x10
    25lbs (perside)x10
    25lbs (perside)x10
    25lbs (perside)x10
    25lbs (perside)x10
    25lbs (perside)x10
    25lbs (perside)x10

    Use this as a recovery day and really get some blood flowing to my left should/peck area. Sat in the sauna for 10 minutes with a physical therapy tool, looks like brass knuckles to really kneed out the muscles, worked on some deep tissue. Back up to 185 in weight
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