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    WBB Nitrean Recipe Contest

    Most of you know Nitrean. And if you know Nitrean, you love Nitrean. It mixes well, it tastes good and it's made with high quality ingredients that help you get the results you want with your body.

    But what about moving beyond water/milk + nitrean + shaker cup? What about an actual recipe for some kind of non-shake food using Nitrean to add protein and flavour?

    If you've ever thought about this, now's your excuse to start experimenting in the kitchen.


    Contest Deadline: August 31st

    In addition to ALN kindly putting up some product, this contest is also co-sponsored by the Muscle Menus eBook (, which has nearly 50 recipes for making your own bars, shakes and smoothies. Naturally we think Nitrean is the best tasting protein ever but even the best taste can get repetitive after a while. There are some great recipes in here to "shake up" your diet.

    1st Prize:
    2 x AtLarge Nutrition shake products (choose 2 from among Nitrean, Opticen, or Maximus)
    1 x You don't know SQUAT t-shirt
    1 x Recipes and bars ebook

    2nd Place
    1 x You don't know SQUAT t-shirt
    1 x Recipes and bars ebook

    3rd Place
    1 x Recipes and bars ebook

    How To Enter:
    Post in this thread with a detailed recipe and a picture of you with your jug of Nitrean, eating your creation (we want to make sure it's edible before we let the judges try it). If you're feeling particularly creative, why not give us a photo journal of your cooking efforts?

    The Rules
    1. Open to members of WBB. One entry per member. You may change your entry if you come up with a better (and tastier) idea after submitting your first one.
    2. Serious entries only, please.
    3. Your recipe should be your own unique creation (or a unique adaptation of someone else's work). If you modify someone else's recipe, give them credit in your post (it's like citing your work in an essay, only with like, FOOD!)!
    4. The recipe must include Nitrean as an ingredient (well, duh!).

    The recipes will be judged on 3 criteria:
    (1) Nutritional Value: How does this recipe stack up in terms of good macros, quality ingredients, etc. Rated on a scale of 1-10.

    (2) Creativity: Anyone can put Nitrean in a blender with milk and ice cream. Bleah. Boring! How can you get some Nitrean in a new and exciting way that doesn't necessarily mean it's drinkable with a straw? Rated on a scale of 1-10.

    (3) Taste: Our judges are going to prepare your recipe and try it out, and will be posting results of the recipes they try. Rated on a scale of 1-10.

    Judges to be announced soon!
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