What the hell. I messed up my knees(assuming sprains) two months back doing deads and they are taking FOREVER to heal. They started out as being swollen, stiff, and painful all the time. As of now, they seem to be very stiff all of the time yet not quite as painful. Is this how the healing process happens with knee sprains? Anyone who's had bad knee sprains care to chime in here?
My doc said to just ice them to keep the swelling down and where braces for support...I'm also going in tomorrow or next Tuesday for Xrays results. God damn whatever.
This thread more of a rant than anything, but could someone throw me some tips or something to help these heal? Should I be sleeping with a pillow between my knees or something? Sorry, but this is too damn slow! I want to squat and deadlift again..AHHHHHHHHH!