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Thread: Max Calculator Doesn' Match My Ability...

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    Max Calculator Doesn' Match My Ability...

    Okay, so this is beyond weird...Check this out...

    I just got back from the gym and I was doing a warm up set with 135LBS, than I decided to see how many I could do in a consecutive order...

    Well I did 135x 15...

    Here's where it gets weird...

    I than went to lift 185 and could push it more than once...

    However when I pull out the calculator and predict my one rep max, it keeps saying 221.9... BUT I can't lift 185 more than once???

    Any ideas folks...Im lost lol... Maybe a mental block??

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    No, online calculators are worthless.
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    Did it myself =-DDD lol...

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    max calculators are indeed worthless

    if you want to know your max, then max probably didn't help that you started with 135 for 15 reps
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    lol indeed....was probably just tired lol...

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    I think if you know something like your 5 or 3 rep max of a lift, those calculators are alot more accurate.

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    Did you account for wind resistance?
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    Most calculators wont let you enter more than 10 reps... and with good reason. The error grows exponentially with each rep you put in.
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    Predicting your one rep max is pretty much worthless... Here's an example, about a month before I went to Halifax this year I pulled 325lbs for sets of 7. With this calculator my one rep max should have been about 390lbs.

    I pulled 474lbs in Halifax. Hmmm... Something's messed up???
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    Squat slowly improving :)
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    You obviously broke the calculator deeder..
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    The more reps you put into those things, the more off they become.

    Don't worry about what your max should be. Just keep adding weight to the bar every session. Figure out your max. Do your routine for two months and check it again. Rinse & repeat.
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