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March 10th, 2010   
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In this issue:

  • Latest Exclusive Articles
  • Save up to $14.00 on Nitrean Protein
  • MAXIMUS - Not Your Run-Of-The-Mill Weight Gainer Supplement by Chris Mason
  • Training Hips: The Missing Link by Travis Bell
  • Forum Discussions - Who's Talking About What?
  Latest Exclusive Articles  

Strongman Training for Maximum Hypertrophy

Most competitive strongmen do very little hypertrophy work, yet they have huge, muscular physiques. Why is that?

Well, we all know that strongman movements can build power, but they can also yield great muscle-building gains when utilized properly.

The training program outlined in this article combines strongman sessions alongside a traditional bodybuilding split, allowing you to build size, strength and an outstanding level of conditioning!

Read the full article here

Author: Tom Mutaffis

Having it all, Power, Strength, AND the body of an Adonis!

Size and strength are both highly sought after byproducts of training, but so is looking good with no clothes on!

World Champion Strongman, Mariusz Pudianowski sports a year-round muscular, lean physique Why not you?

Sure he has some of the best genetics about, but if he can be great at both the functional and decorative aspects of strength training, surely you can improve your raw stats as well as shedding bodyfat to an all-time low, right?

Read the full article here

Author: Stuart Gatherum

  Mini Article 1  

Save up to $14.00 on Nitrean Protein!

There has never been a better time to try Nitrean or indeed stock up on your favorite protein supplement!

Strawberry Nitrean 4.6lbs - Save up to $14.00!

We have temporarily reduced the price of Strawberry Nitrean to $42.95 which equates to a saving of $10 per tub!

And it gets better - we are keeping the multiple unit discounts in place, so if you order 3+ you will pay only $38.95 each! which equates to a saving of $10 per tub!

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Strawberry Nitrean 2.2lbs - Save up to $7.00!

We have temporarily reduced the price of Strawberry Nitrean to $22.95 which equates to a saving of $7.00 per tub!

Purchase Nitrean 2.2lbs now

Remember, these offers are only available whilst stock lasts, so take advantage of this discount quickly to gaurantee your order!

  Mini Article 2  

MAXIMUS - Not Your Run-Of-The-Mill Weight Gainer Supplement

by Chris Mason

In today’s day and age the idea of someone having a hard time gaining weight might seem a bit outlandish, yet every day in countless gyms throughout the world young men slave away trying in vain to get bigger and stronger.

Are you one of these young men? Have you struggled for weeks, months, maybe even years with almost nothing to show for it? We can help. AtLarge Nutrition developed MAXIMUS just for you.

Most weight gainer supplements are simply a bunch of sugar with a little of the cheapest form of whey protein thrown in for good measure. These products are relatively inexpensive and might seem appealing at first glance with huge caloric and protein per serving claims. Upon closer examination the truth becomes apparent. A 5 lbs jug of protein with 4 servings per container is NOT what you are looking for in a weight gainer…

MAXIMUS is different. It all starts with its unique protein blend of whey fractions (concentrate and isolate), milk protein isolates, casein, and egg. This proprietary blend provides for a superior net retention of each gram ingested and blunts catabolism to a significantly greater degree than any whey-only supplement.

Professional Natural Bodybuilder David Trantham (above, right) uses MAXIMUS to help him pack on as much muscle mass in the off season

MAXIMUS™ also contains a carbohydrate blend of glucose polymers and maltodextrin designed to take advantage of insulin’s anabolic effects as well as replenish exhausted glycogen stores.

What really sets MAXIMUS™ apart, and makes it a true ergogen, is its inclusion of a proven dose of Microlactin®. Microlactin® aids recovery, mitigates muscular soreness, and reduces joint pain. Add inulin, a fructan with proven benefits ranging from improved immunity to enhanced nutrient absorption, and you truly have a physique transforming formula.

As you can see, MAXIMUS is not your run-of-the-mill weight gainer supplement. It will make a difference in your training. Do yourself a favor and get yours today.

If you have any questions on this article, feel free to post them on the forums here: MAXIMUS - Not Your Run-Of-The-Mill Weight Gainer Supplement discussion thread

  Mini Article 3  

Training Hips: The Missing Link

by Travis Bell from Superior Athletics

When talking about athletes, posterior chain training is probably one of the most talked about topics by strength and conditioning coaches. Every gym across the country is replete with glute ham raises, lower back training machines like the reverse hyper, bands for good mornings and list after list of various exercises to train abs, hamstrings and the lower back.

But what about the joint that connects your upper body to your lower? The hips. You don’t see coaches teaching their athletes to do hardly, if any, hip exercises to increase strength. Often times, even stretching the hips is forgotten. Athletes will stretch their quads, hams and glutes and be done with it.

When you watch most athletes go from a static position to active, they often start from a hip dominant position. Football players start in the 3 point stance, where after the snap, their hips help push them into an explosive position. Basketball players, when jumping go into a squat position and explode upwards, using a lot of their hip strength to reach maximum vertical. Sprinters launch from the blocks using their hips again as a way of pushing off the blocks and transitioning into a sprinting position. The list goes on and on. In almost every sport you can find a situation where hip strength is invaluable.

Keep in mind, hips are not the only muscle in the posterior chain that should be trained, nor are they soley responsible for the force created from the above listen positions. That said, they are often the missing link. The muscle group that when trained in addition to the hamstrings, glutes and spinal erectors, makes for an extremely explosive athlete that can produce a very high amount of force from a given position. This often translates to faster 40 times for football players, higher verticals for basketball players and lower sprint times for track athletes.

At Superior Athletics, every lower day includes at least one hip dominant movement. The majority of which have been suggested to me by Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell. Louie is constantly running ideas and suggestions by me that always turn out to be helpful in my quest to better my athletes in their sports.

One of the most common exercises that we do for hip strength is the ultra wide stance stiff legged deadlift. We have the athletes take a very wide stance, with toes pointed outwards. While keeping their legs almost locked, they reach down and deadlift the bar up. A lot of emphasis is put on squeezing the glutes together and pushing the hips forwards at the top of the lift. Normally this is done for 3-4 sets of 4 reps. Variations of this can be done with either bands or chains. This is an accessory exercise done after DE or ME squatting

Another powerful movement is wide stance box squatting. Athletes who have especially weak hips will squat with a ultra wide stance, again with toes pointed outwards, down to a parallel box. This stance is most often used on DE squat day and then we transition back to the normal power stance for ME work.

A somewhat newer movement that Louie has come up with is wide stance push offs, using a belt squat machine. We attach the athlete to the belt squat machine, again have them take a wide stance, and then push off from side to side while keeping their legs straight. With this movement, the athlete will feel most of the work on the side of the hips, almost right on the joint. Most gyms do not have a belt squat machine, but this movement can be almost replicated with band tension in a power rack and looping the bands through a belt. This is another movement used for accessory work for 4 sets of 15-20 reps. Check out the following Belt Squat Push Offs video.

Belt Squat Push Offs with Bands

Even when concerning conditioning work, we are looking for ways to train the hips. When dragging the sled we will have the athletes pull the sled with the strap looped on the side of their belt. Having them stay in a lower position and with their hands out in front of them, they side step. Trips are usually 80+ feet for 3 or 4 trips. Check out the following Side Sled Drags video.

Side Sled Drag

Also we have them pull the sled, bent over and holding on to the strap between their legs. Taking a wide stance and leading with the heel, the athletes will pull the sled again for 80+ feet for 3-4 trips. Check out the following Bent Over Sled Pulls video.

Bent Over Sled Pulls

Training hip strength is invaluable for athletes who require any sort of explosiveness. Strong hips allow them to better utilize the training that they put into the rest of their lower body.

If you have any questions on this article, feel free to post them on the forums here: Training Hips: The Missing Link discussion thread

  Mini Article 4  

Forum Discussions - Who's Talking About What?

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SmallArms has been training seriously for 9 months now and have made steady progress on all parts with the exception of arms. Is it possible for him to get big arms or is he genetically against it?

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