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May 7th, 2010   
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Discuss Steve Colescott's joining Wannabebig!

We are pleased to welcome Steve Colescott to Wannabebig as a full time staff member. He will be a major contributor and this is a significant step as we look to expand the range and frequency of the website’s content.

Steve has a lot to offer and I’m sure you will all find he has a wealth of information to share and a sincere desire to see everyone reach their fitness goals.

With over two decades working in the fitness industry, Steve Colescott has written over a hundred published articles known for their unique content, weird humor and real world applicability.

Steve - hunting down my perfect vehicle (You're going to need to ask him about this lol)

He has served as a marketing consultant for a number of top sports nutrition companies, been a bodybuilding judge, and worked in both gym management and the exercise equipment industry. With his company, Colescott Metabolic Solutions, he has transformed the physiques of scores of average businesspeople, weekend athletes and housewives beyond their wildest expectations.

I thought it might be a good idea to share some details about his experience and how he got into bodybuilding journalism.

“Like 95% of us, I got into lifting in my early teens,” Steve says, “Which I think is common because that is a time in which we are trying to decide what our identity as adults will be. My older brother Phil lifted in the basement for a couple years and had about two dozen copies of Weider’s Muscle Builder, which I absorbed cover to cover. I even read the ‘Body By Betty’ column and could recite the placings in the IFBB Mr. Southeast Asia contest, for all the good that did me.”

“When people talk about hard gainers or those on the toilet-end of the genetic curve, I definitely was a prime example. I recently found one of my first workout records and I was astonished to see the weights listed, things like DB Squats 36 X 7 reps with notations around the eighth set of the workout about feeling nauseous and then the rest of the sets crossed out because I was toast. I recall that after just a few sets my nervous system would crash, causing my body to shake uncontrollably and my knees would give out like someone that had been yanked from their deathbed and asked to do deadlifts.”

“Fortunately, I was persistent and had an abundance of intellectual curiosity. I read voraciously, observed others and asked the right questions. I packed away a ridiculous amount of food, kept dragging my butt to the gym, gradually increased my strength and exercise tolerance (I’ve mentioned my 20-Rep Squat program in past articles for WBB) and gradually expanded my 5’10” frame from a skeletal 120-pounds to 208.”

“I’ve always been comfortable expressing myself through writing and had my first article published when I was twelve years old. While figuring out my early systems of training and nutrition, I wrote a nearly identical letter to about a dozen of the era’s top experts from the magazines, including Dan Duchaine, Jeff Feliciano, Bob Gruskin, Dr. Jim Wright, Mike Zumpano and a few others asking their views on what I felt were the pertinent questions.”

“Most of them responded. Duchaine was very generous with his time and we spoke on the phone at length on a couple of occasions. Zumpano replied to my questions in great detail and, based on my letter, encouraged me to consider becoming a bodybuilding magazine writer, even asking me to become a contributor for a newsletter he was planning to launch. More than anything, that seed… planted in my fifteen-year old head, led me to my current vocation.”

If you were around the US bodybuilding scene ten years ago, you may have seem Peak Training Journal, a underground hardcore bodybuilding and powerlifting magazine published by Steve Colescott. Although only lasting six issues, PTJ’s influence is still seen today, with many magazines copying the ideas, but none capturing the spirit, that made that magazine so popular.”

“My time publishing Peak was such a rush of events, that I don’t think I really got a chance to fully appreciate them as they occurred,” Steve says. “I met Joe Weider at his Woodland Hills offices… and he knew who I was… how cool is that?”

“I spent four days hanging out with Ronnie Coleman in Fort Worth a few months before he won his first Olympia title. While I’m not taking credit for his victory, he was not a favorite going in, so draw your own conclusions.”

“Dorian Yates contacted me, offering to do a midnight interview. When I showed up, he explained that his Weider contract had expired at midnight that day and he wanted to grant me an exclusive, announcing his retirement.” I got to go to the gym with Mr. Universe winners, NPC National champs, powerlifting legends like Ed Coan and Louie Simmons Westside Barbell team and top strongman competitors.”

You name them, Steve's met them - Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yates, Louie Simmons...

“By far though… the very best part of my job has been meeting dozens of local level bodybuilders and powerlifters, spending time with them in the gym or over a meal, meeting their families and being honored with the responsibility of sharing their stories. I have met some of the most interesting, complex, courageous and inspiring people, and learned things that cannot be gleaned in a textbook or muscle magazine.”

“To me, these athletes epitomize hardcore lifting. They aren’t fighting for a pro card or supplement contract. They are pushing themselves just to actualize their own potential. To get stronger or have a better physique, all the while working a job and taking care of their family. That’s a hell of a lot more hardcore than the pro that rolls out of bed at noon, trains six or seven months out of the year and only puts away the KFC during contest prep because they can coast on genetics and pharmaceuticals.

Expect to have Steve share some of his insights and recollections as a regular contributor to Wannabebig.

“It is an honor to be here. I have tons of respect for Daniel Clough and Chris Mason and what they have done. I have been an avid reader of Wannabebig and have been using AtLarge supplements for a good while now and respect the integrity and overall philosophy of both Wannabebig and AtLarge Nutrition. Look to see a lot of new, unique content from me almost immediately (see my previous articles here). Let me know what you like and which articles maybe don’t appeal to you. I will be working hard to give you the type of content you want, so feedback is welcome. You can reach me at stevecolescott@gmail.com or on the forums.”

Steve lives in Akron, Ohio and trains at the ultra-hardcore Body Builders Gym, an Ohio musclehead landmark. He tells us that his hobbies include needlepoint and bare-knuckle boxing. Take a moment to welcome Steve to the team and let him know what type of things you’d like to see from him!

You can discuss this announcement and also ask Steve any questions you like here - Welcome Steve Colescott to Wannabebig as a full time staff member discussion thread


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