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October 14th, 2009   
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  • Latest Exclusive Articles
  • Multi-Plus - The Secret, Stealth Supplement by Chris Mason
  • Forum Discussions - Who's Talking About What?
  Latest Exclusive Articles  

Kettlebells for the Uninitiated

If you’ve been busting your ass with barbells and dumbbells for the past few years and are looking for something new to help add slabs of muscle to your body and improve your overall conditioning, it may be time to add something new to your training tool box.

Sure, it’s a little funny-looking, but training with the kettlebell – a large, cannonball-shaped piece of steel with a tall handle protruding out of the top is no laughing matter.

Get ready to learn how to perform some basic and effective kettlebell movements aswell as how to easily integrate them into your routine!

Read the full article here

Author: Mike Scialabba

  Mini Article 1  

Multi-Plus - The Secret, Stealth Supplement

by Chris Mason

When giving consideration to what supplements will populate your cabinets a quality multi-vitamin is often overlooked. Vitamins and minerals don’t have the hype or appeal of some of the more exotic concoctions. You don’t take them and feel anything. One might think of them as more of a “stealth” supplement with their benefits being much more subtle.

A common argument against the use of vitamins and minerals is that they are unnecessary if one follows a sound diet. The flaw in this argument is that a sound diet is a rarity in today’s fast paced, hustle-bustle world. Most people simply don’t have the time to eat right. In addition, there are a tremendous number of people consuming low calorie diets in an attempt to lose weight. These diets, due to their limited total caloric intake and tendency to focus on certain foods, are often bereft of meaningful nutritional value (at least from a micronutrient perspective).

In a nutshell, a significant percentage of the general population may benefit from the use of a multi-vitamin supplement. If you are a hard training individual, it is almost a certainty you will benefit. This fact was paramount on our mind when we formulated Multi-Plus, our multi-vitamin specifically designed to address the needs of those who engage in intense exercise on a regular basis.

A quick glance at the product label for Multi-Plus (see right) is all that is required to know it is a very different kind of multi-vitamin supplement. Most multi-vitamin supplements take the “everything but the kitchen sink” approach. They literally toss everything they can think of into the mix and hope for the best. We did just the opposite when creating Multi-Plus. We thoroughly researched vitamin and mineral supplementation relative to intense training. We looked for what micronutrients may be depleted by exercise.

We scoured the research to see what dosing of various vitamins and minerals might benefit intense trainees. The result is a product which has plenty of what you need, and nothing you don’t.

Multi-Plus can help to optimize your health and training results. For literally pennies a day you can help to ensure you are getting the micronutrients you need. Get yours now!

  Mini Article 2  

Forum Discussions - Who's Talking About What?

Crazy Back Thickness

Travis Bell started this thread recently on what everyone had done to increase their back thickness. We're talking inner, upper back as well as your lat thickness. What worked exceptionally well and did people notice strength gains along with the size?

You can check out the responses that followed here - Crazy Back Thickness

World's Strongest Man 2009 - Malta

Tom Mutaffis created a thread which turned into a very decent commentary of this years World's Strongest Man. The best strongmen on the planet and the most demanding challenges like Atlas Stones, Fingal's Fingers, Truck Pull and the Keg Toss make the World's Strongest Man a very popular event amongst those with an interest in strength. Very interestering reading!

You can check out results and our members opinions of the contestants here - World's Strongest Man 2009 - Malta

Poll: What is your preferred pre-workout energy supplement?

A great poll and discussion about the best types of Pre-Workout Supplements. Enough said...

Poll results and discussions here - What is your preferred pre-workout energy supplement?

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