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October 28th, 2009   
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In this issue:

  • Latest Exclusive Articles
  • Novus Protein Bars - Combining Convenience and Quality by Chris Mason
  • Do you know what you really want? I mean REALLY? by Daniel Clough
  • Forum Discussions - Who's Talking About What?
  Latest Exclusive Articles  

Building a Monster Upper Back

A huge and thick upper back is the hallmark of the alpha strength athlete. Only those with the fortitude and will to train with the requisite intensity will achieve the kind of upper back that literally intimidates and inspires awe in all who see it.

If you truly want the biggest and strongest back possible, it is necessary to combine the best of both the powerlifting and bodybuilding worlds.

We provide you with a bullet proof routine that does just that.

Read the full article here

Author: Christopher Mason

  Mini Article 1  

Novus Protein Bars - Combining Convenience and Quality

by Chris Mason

If you are like 99% of the bodybuilders or powerlifters out there you have a heck of a time getting in sufficient quantities of the right nutrients every day. Between work, family/social life, and training, there simply isnít the time to eat what you should when you should. Most people resolve this conundrum by grabbing quick snacks from vending machines, the local convenience mart, or fast food establishments. These stop-gaps certainly donít positively contribute to their efforts in the gym.

NOVUS Protein bars are a superior solution for your daily rush. Each bar is packed with roughly 340 growth promoting calories, and a whopping 36g of high quality protein! Add to that a net impact carb count of only 3g, and various vitamins and minerals, and you have a nutritional winner!

Of course, a bar can have all of the nutritional value in the world, but if it doesnít taste great you simply arenít going to eat it.

NOVUS Protein bars deliver with taste and consistency that is guaranteed to make you forgot you are eating a nutrition bar. A huge percentage of NOVUS customers literally tell us that they think we have the best tasting nutrition bar they have ever tried!

Do your body a favor and give them a try yourself, you will be glad you did.

  Mini Article 2  

Do you know what you really want? I mean REALLY?

by Daniel Clough

'The path to success is to take massive, determined action.' - Tony Robbins

I love the quote above, it's incredibly powerful. Just stop for a minute and think.....

Massive determined action.....

Now, I'm going to go all out and hazard a guess that over 90% of people don't really know what they are striving to achieve. And a large part of the other 10%, whilst they have a better idea of what they want - they don't know EXACTLY what they want or WHY they want it.

If you know EXACTLY what you want and WHY you want it, you're 90% of the way there to achieving it and some beyond. Something takes over you when you get this level of clarity and you start to achieve things you never thought were possible.

The big question - Do you have that type of clarity?

Ok, so before you get all 'what does this have to do with my training?' on me, let me explain why this is relevant.

Take a look around the gym next time you go. A large percentage of people just plod from station to station or do class after class without a clear goal. They just go to the gym because they err.. want to get bigger.. or stronger... or leaner.. or sometimes even more toned (don't get me started on toned)

Now I am sure you are different, you're on Wannabebig after all! However it can be easy to slip into a pattern of just turning up and getting a workout done and losing focus.

I want to share a five step process that I follow which will allow you to get REAL clarity on what you want and how to achieve it. Give it a try and you'll be amazed with the results.

1. Ultimate outcome

This is the WHAT. Work out what you TRULY want. Either jot down words or write a paragraph, it doesn't matter.. But get real clarity on what you want out of the work you put into the gym. Is it to be a beast that will turn heads and scare small children? Is it to be crazy strong with impressive lifts on the big 3? Don't get complicated or too detailed at this stage, just jot some stuff down that will inspire/motivate you.

2. Ultimate purpose

This is the WHY. Work out why you want the above. Again, words or a paragraph will do. The key is not to be fussy about it and just stick down what naturally comes to mind. Do you want to improve your chances with the ladies? Live longer so you can see your grandchildren grow up? A sense of achievement when you win that powerlifting meet?

3. Key areas of Focus

Come up with 3 or 4 key areas of focus that you will spend your time. For example I have the following - size, strength, mobility, and conditioning

4. Goals

Here is where you work out EXACTLY what you want. Set very clear 30 day, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month goals. You gotta get specific here. For example - I will bench press 300lbs for 1 reputation. Or, I will lose 20lbs. The clearer the better. A tip is to start with the 12 month goals and then work backwards. So, if your 12 month goal was to bench 300lbs, your 6 month could be to bench 260lbs, your 3 month could be to bench 240lbs and in 30 days it could be to bench 220lbs.

5. Take action now

I don't care what it is, but do something in the next 10 minutes that takes you closer to your 30 day goal. Not tomorrow, or later in the week. In the next 10 minutes.

For example a 1 year goal of mine is to weigh 185lbs @ 10% bodyfat. And a 30 day goal of mine related to that goal was to lose 6lbs.

I immediately did one thing - I chucked away all of the crap food in my cupboard and fridge. If it was there, it would just get eaten. Then later on that day I stocked up on clean, healthy foods and planned out what I was going to eat tomorrow that would put me on track to losing that 6lbs.

And that's all there is to it. Get clear on WHAT you want, WHY you want it, take ACTION and amazing things start to happen!

Start each week with a review of your goals and plan some action items that will take you closer to achieving it and you'll be a million miles ahead of 99% of the population!

And remember you can do this for any area of your life. From your relationships through to your finances!

  Mini Article 3  

Forum Discussions - Who's Talking About What?

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