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December 17th, 2009   
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Are you ready to GROW?

I am very excited to relay to you what is, without a doubt, the most exciting thing we have ever done at Wannabebig.com!

I am not sure I can properly relay my feelings as I sit here typing this note. At the risk of sounding a bit over the top, the best way I can think of to relay the feeling is to say it must be akin to the way a new parent feels with the birth of their child!

Our “baby” was first envisioned about 4 months ago as I spoke on the phone with Daniel Roberts. We were discussing the merits, or lack thereof, of some of the popular training programs which are currently in vogue. In the course of the conversation, Daniel made the following profound declaration:

'I reckon we could take the best of the best from what is out there at the moment and pull it all together into an easy to understand, kick- ass system. I'm talking an entire training and nutrition methodology geared towards gaining as much lean muscle mass as possible in the shortest amount of time!'

There was an awkward silence as I pondered the ramifications of his statement. I think the next thing I said was something crude like, “*?!!** yeah, let’s do it!”

The New WBB Program is going to be tough and hard, but it'll WORK!

Fast forward 4 months.

Yes, 4 months.....

Here I am announcing something that could truly alter the lives of a lucky few Wannabebig members. During the last 4 months Daniel has painstakingly researched, tested, and then compiled a holistic system designed to make you bigger and stronger than you have ever been in the shortest timeframe possible.

We wholeheartedly believe this system will trump anything currently out there. About the only bad news is that you will have to invest in a new wardrobe to fit your swollen physique!

Are YOU ready to take on the challenge?

This is the part that takes it over the top for me! Prior to launching the program, we are going to select no more than 15 very lucky Wannabebig.com members to participate in a pilot test.

We will fully support them from start to finish and announce the results to the rest of our members.

You see, as with everything we do, this is going to be a no B.S., real deal program with results from actual Wannabebig.com members to prove its efficacy! No reptile, nation this or that crap here.. No $345 supplement which you have to take in order to make the routine work... just real results!

So, how and when are we going to pick?

There will be an email going out on Monday, December 21st with full details of how to apply. We will then choose from the list of those who applied. It’s that simple! The pilot program will begin very early in January 2010!

Feel free to discuss here for the time being.

Have a great weekend and expect an email from us on Monday!


Daniel Clough

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