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December 21st, 2009   
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New WBB Training Program - Apply for the pilot program!

As promised, here is your chance to apply to be part of a small, select group that will get exclusive, early access to the new Wannabebig Training Program!

Not only will you get exclusive access to our new muscle building system, you will also receive 121 support/coaching from our experts on your training, diet and supplementation! All you have to do is show up, train hard and eat right in line with the program and you WILL achieve results you never thought possible!

Before I let you know how you can apply to be in the pilot group, I need to make one thing clear.

This program WORKS, period.

As with everything, the results you get will be proportional to the effort you put in. You will need to remain committed and consistent for a 12 week period if you want to achieve a truly amazing transformation.

If you are the type of person that stops short of those few extra reps because it's getting hard - WE DO NOT WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.

If you make excuses about not being able to find the time to train and prepare food/schedules to be consistent- WE DO NOT WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.

If you are looking for a short cut to get bigger and stronger without the required effort - WE DO NOT WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.

However.... If you are committed to getting bigger and stronger and are willing to do whatever it takes for a period of 12 weeks to get it...............


The new Wannabebig Training system is primarily geared around hypertrophy and packing on muscle mass, but we also want to hear from those who want to lose weight and maintain/gain lean muscle at the same time.

One last comment before I let you know exactly how to apply.... (I seriously will get to it soon)

The pilot group will run from mid January 2010 through to mid April 2010, so you need to be able to consistently stick to a training and eating program throughout that period.

Ok, so here we go...


Send an email to pilot@wannabebig.com using 'pilot group application' as the subject.. Please supply us with the following information:

1. pictures - please attach front, back and side physique pictures to the email (or use www.photobucket.com and send us the link to your album)

2. age

3. weight (lbs)

4. previous training experience

5. current short term training goals

6. bench, squat and deadlift personal bests (or closely estimated) for 5 reps

7. In less than than 250 words, let us know why you want to be part of the pilot group

The closing date for applications is Wednesday December 30th 2009.

Bear in mind that demand to be part of the pilot group for the program is already very high and numbers will be restricted to just 15 people. If you are successful, we will contact you before Monday January 4th 2010.

If you do have any questions, feel free to ask them in this discussion thread in the forums.

Good luck!


Daniel Clough

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