Bodybuilding Forum Alternatives: List of 25 other Fitness Forums

We have curated a list of the top 25 best body building forums so that you don’t spend hours trying to find one.

1. Forums

Location– Boise, Idaho, United States

About– At, our aim and passion are to transform you. We rank as one of the most renowned bodybuilding message forums. Reading our blog will guide you in more than one way. We become your supplement expert, nutritionist, personal trainer, lifting partner, and provide you with all the support you require. With the tools and equipment we provide, you are sure to reach your goals. 

Frequency of posts- 30/day

2. JEFIT Workout & Body Building Forum- Fitness and Exercise Board

Location- Sunnyvale, CA

About- JEFIT is a message board solely dedicated to workout and bodybuilding. We discuss bodybuilding tips, healthy diets, methods of training, muscle building on this platform. 

Frequency of posts- 30/year

3. Worldfitness Training Forum

Location- Unknown

About- If you are a fitness freak or someone who has recently found an interest in working out, this forum offers a beneficial platform to get  all the information required. This fitness community will provide you with all that you need on professional training, injury prevention during workouts, weight programs, and athletic development. 

Frequency of posts- 3/day

4. Reddit>>Fitness Subreddit

Location- Unknown

About- Reddit is a website known for many blogs ranging from video games to lifestyle blogs. This particular Reddit Fitness blog focuses on discussing physical fitness or exercise goals and the various ways in which they can be achieved. A lot of people have gained useful knowledge from this blog. 

Frequency of posts- 2/day

5. Cathe Friedrich Fitness Forums

Location- South Jersey, U.S.A

About- This blog is a versatile forum that contains all sorts of information for different kinds of people. It contains workout routines, diet charts, training details for all those interested in working out. It also has a section especially for pregnant women that discusses  the kinds of food that should be eaten and the exercises to be  done. 

Frequency of posts- 1/day

6. Nerd Fitness Forum

Location- Unknown

About- This community shares a lot of fitness tips and discussions with its viewers and followers. It takes up many important topics related to health and  body and deals with them. The analysis and solutions provided are in a lucid language that is accessible to most people.


Location- Unknown

About- The blog helps you out by providing workout plans, nutrition, and diet charts for different people, how to go about home workouts, biking tips, yoga exercises, and much more. The forum introduces you to a whole arena of health advice which  yields excellent results. 

Frequency of posts- 3/day

8. Anandtech Forums Health and Fitness

About– Anandtech Forums is a community that writes and discusses a wide range of essential topics starting from the latest technology to consumer electronics and shopping deals. However, this platform is also known for its blogs on health and fitness. This includes articles on weight loss, healing tips on lower back pain following  squats, and much more. 

Frequency of posts- 1/day


Location- Makati, Philippines

About- Do you dream to have a body that is an  epitome of fitness? This is your platform to know whatever it requires to achieve that dream. The blog has a variety of discussions on training, workouts, and the like. 

Frequency of posts- 1/week

10. FitDay Discussion Boards

Location- Los Angeles

About- At FitDay discussion boards, you are introduced to a world of discussions on the best diet for bodybuilding, weight loss, and so on. There are all other kinds of fitness discussions available on this website. 

Frequency of posts- 2/day

11. Bodybuilding Forums

About- If you are searching for a forum that answers all your queries on bodybuilding and other related topics, Elite Fitness is the ideal place for you.  On this forum, your questions are answered by some of the most popular bodybuilders across the world. 

Frequency of posts- 8/day

12. Muscle Talk Bodybuilding Forum

Location- UK

About- Muscle Talk is a bodybuilding forum based in the UK, but accessible to aspirational bodybuilders all over the world. The forum discusses topics like strength, muscle building, diets, and so on through their blog. 

Frequency of post- 1/week

13. John Stone Fitness Forum

Location- Central Florida

About- Do you wish to see your body transform into something healthy and fit? Visit John Stone Fitness Forum for eye-opening discussions on health nutrition, muscle building, athletics, fitness, fat loss, and much more. 

Frequency of posts- 30/year

14. Zen Labs Fitness Community

About- Zen Labs is a fitness community that is solely dedicated to fitness freaks. It offers  discussions on topics  like encouraging oneself to start working out, on  building muscles, losing weight, etc. 

Frequency of post- 2/day

15. Fitness Geared- Body Building and Fitness Community

About- Fitness Geared also talks about body building and is similar to the rest of the blogs already mentioned here. However, its primary emphasis is on using nutrition and supplements. 

Frequency of posts- 1/day

16. GymKaki- Singaporean Fitness Community

About- At GymKaki you can find a range of information starting from the best gym near you, meeting gym buddies, and also about gym memberships. 

Frequency of posts- 7/day

17. Fitness N Lifestyle

About- Gaurav Buchchas founded Fitness N Lifestyle in 2019. This is a type of superstore where you can find information and products related to health, fitness, and lifestyle. 

Frequency of posts- 5/year

18. Real Muscle Forums

About- Real Muscle is a forum dedicated to fitness articles emphasising on a healthy diet and improving the shape of your body. 

Frequency of posts- 2/day

Additional Forums

  1. City-Data Forum- A forum for discussion on health and fitness
  1. Shapefit Forum- A platform to discuss weight loss, bodybuilding, exercise, and diet
  1. India forums- Yet another place to get all the information you require on health and bodybuilding
  1. My Fit- This forum attempts to help you reach your workout goals as your queries are answered by personal trainers and bodybuilders. 
  1. Sweat Forum- This is a forum solely dedicated to women’s health and charters out fitness plans for them.