Plank Progressions for Killer Abs

Everyone want’s to achieve killer abs but this is a goal that requires proper training, proper diet and not compromising on your rest or posture. Like with any exercise your breathing is also important and like all good things it takes time to reach the body goal that you desire. Rushing through a workout or expecting to suddenly achieve the best abs within a short period of time is an unreasonable goal and one that could be make your training sessions ineffective.

Plank progressions are an important part of your workouts. While there are many advanced types of progressions, it is the basic plank that MUST be perfected first before moving onto more challenging options. This will not only make advancements easier, it will also avoid the risk of injuries when you properly train yourself in the fundamentals. We also recommending 60 seconds as the ideal time for plank exercises , anything higher is not recommended. Also remember – if it hurts, don’t do it. A bit of pain is normal with workouts but not when you are doing sensitive things like plank training.

We recommend plank training in front of a professional who can guide you however, for more ordinary workouts training at home is just as effective. Many people also find it hard to make the time to visit the gym and for such situations we have just the solution. We have curated a list of the best compact home gyms in the market so that you can continue your workouts and also saving on the time that would be spent on travelling to the gym.