First of all, why am I doing them on the same day then? Cuz WBB#1 said so, and that's my only reason.

So I always start out my Monday workout with Bench press, I do 3x6 (or to failure). Then I might do Deadlifts, then probably DB press (though the order changes a little every week; sometimes I do chinups or dips first).

Anyways, the way I see it, Bench has so far wiped out my chest that I'm really not getting anywhere with my (Incline) DB Press. I was stuck at 30's for more than a month. MAJOR wtf at that, considering I'm curling more than that. Yes, I Hammer Curl more than I can DB Press, that's wrong right? So anyways, I moved up to the 35's and was doing ok, but then I got really sick, and now I can barely do the 30's again.

I mean, friggin 30's? I repeat, I can curl more than that >_>
My bench is (this also dropped a good 10 pounds after I got sick) 125 for 3x6 right now. By comparison, I think I should be doing way more than 30's.

So anyways, my options:

a) Move DB Press to a differnt day, which would be weird, since Monday is my chest day
b) Don't do DB Press at all right now
c) Do DB Press before Bench
d) I don't know