Best Squat Racks 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. HulkFit 2. Fitness Reality 3. JungleA
HulkFit Best Squat Rack Fitness Reality Power Rack Squat Stand JungleA Squat Rack

A home gym space is incomplete without setting up the best squat rack in there. A good power rack adds a classy feel to the looks of your home gym.

The squat as a full-body workout is one of the vital forms of exercise as it builds up body strength as well as shape, ensuring good flexibility as well as mobility. Hence, it is very important to pick the best squat rack for your home gym for the best workout experience.

We have curated a list of the best squat racks that are efficient, versatile, and budget-friendly. Read on to find out more.

Top 9 Best Squat Racks 2021

1. HulkFit Multi-Function Adjustable Power Rack

HulkFit Multi-Function Adjustable Power Rack

With an impressive weight capacity of 800 lbs, the HulkFit multi-function power rack has got a really good build. It’s constructed with an H-shaped base, which gives the rack maximum stability and keeps you safe. The triangle locks ensure that all the parts are tightly connected.

It is user-friendly as there are multiple holes in the rack for you to mount the weights at the height of your choice. There are two pull-up bars of different diameters available and two heavy-duty J-hooks so that you get more stability and anchor.

It’s lightweight and quite easy to set up. The spotter arms are long enough so that even if you cannot complete a squat, they’ll still be in a great position and are easily movable. The dip bars can be used for other exercises as well, so that you don’t have to restrict your workout just to squats.

There have been some complaints regarding the dip bars not being adjustable wide enough, especially for someone with a heavy build. However, for its price, the HulkFit power rack is a good buy if you’re looking for a customizable workout experience.


2. Fitness Reality Power Rack Squat Stand

Fitness Reality Power Rack Squat Stand

Compared to other half-racks, this one here comes with cool attachments like steel/rubber lined J-hooks, catch bars, and the weight plate holders. There’s also a landmine attachment.

You can get more attachments and use the top bar for pull-ups. It can be combined with more pieces of equipment like the weight bench to provide you with a more wholesome full body workout experience. The resistance bands are easily movable so that your workouts cover more range. It is adjustable to up to 19 height levels for different workout positions.

There are two dual-mounted safety bars and two lock-on safety bars secured with rubber pads to keep your barbells well-protected. The steel construction is strong and durable. It is easy to assemble and won’t give you much hassle.

The design is a little flawed as the catch bar attachments are angled slightly to a tilt. This makes the barbell roll towards the rack and might be an issue especially when you are failing a squat. For convenient home gym equipment, this half-rack is one of the best fitness power racks out there.


3. JungleA Squat Rack

JungleA Squat RackThe JungleA squat rack is lightweight and hence very easily portable. A squat rack so easy to assemble, its compact nature does not let it take up much space and makes it convenient to store. It is thus suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor use.

It’s got a strong steel build and is sturdy. You can also do a bunch of other exercises when you combine this power cage with other pieces of equipment. You can do bench press, bodyweight rows, and barbell squats. Thus, your workout does not get restricted to a linear approach.

To prevent skidding and to protect your floor from scratches, the rack has rubber blobs attached to its feet. This ensures better stability and protection for you as well.

It has a weight capacity of 550 lbs, quite decent for a home workout system. The barbell rack has an adjustable height of 41 to 66 inches so that you can make adjustments according to your personal preferences. The spotters are also adjustable and work around 14 positions.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly, comfortable rack to work with at home, JungleA is one of the best power racks for the money.


4. Yes4All Adjustable Barbell Squat Rack

Yes4All Adjustable Barbell Squat Rack

The rack is made of solid steel and has an efficient design. It has a smart safety locking mechanism that allows you to adjust the bracket height and width according to your will. It has a weight limit of 550 lbs, which is quite good for its price.

One attractive feature of this squat rack would be the weight plate storage. When you are not using the weights, you can store your weights on the 8-inch long storage pegs on both sides of the stands. This comes in handy when you want to do quick, ready-and-go exercises.

The feet of the rack is equipped with anti-slip pads so you can just focus on your workout without any fear of slipping. The handles are also covered with a rubber sleeve to prevent skidding. This ensures your safety and stability.

Ideally suited for personal training and as a home gym equipment, this squat rack also allows you to include other kinds of workouts like bench presses and pull-ups. For a comprehensive workout experience, Yes4All’s squat rack is surely the best squat rack for a home gym.


5. Sunny Health & Fitness Power and Squat RackSunny Health & Fitness Power and Squat Rack

A fully-loaded power rack, this includes several features like a 360-degree swivel built-in landmine post, a pull-up bar allowing for adjustable heights, and exercise band attachment points among others. There are around 30 adjustment points available, so that people of all sizes can have a good workout.

The pull-up bar holds a maximum weight of 500 lbs whereas the bar holders have a weight capacity of 880 lbs. The spotter arms are 16 inches long and ensure safety and comfort even when you’re squatting with heavier weights. It is best suited for barbells over 60 inches.

The pull-up bar of the rack is elevated to support hand positions of close grips. This increases the emphasis on your back, arms, shoulders, and core workout. Knurling allows you to have a better grip when you’re doing repetitive heavy workouts.

The rack has an 11-inch Olympic plate storage facility which allows you to safely store your weights when you’re not using them or for quick workouts that do not involve them. When the weights are in use, these plate posts provide you with more stability.

This power rack also has a swivel landmine post, which when combined with a barbell could help with exercises like landmine squat, pivot press, and split single stance arm rows.

With a plethora of features, Sunny’s squat rack is definitely a budget-friendly candidate for the best squat stands in the market today.


6. Yaheetech Squat Rack

Yaheetech Squat Rack

Yaheetech’s squat rack has prioritized safety, with its secure screw buckle that even has a reset option for the screw just in case we forget to tighten it. The base is H-shaped and provides good stability while the feet of the power rack has anti-skid padding so that it doesn’t slip. This also prevents scratches on your floor.

Instead of using the regular nut to bolt the screws, this rack uses the fastening nut. The fastening nut, unlike the former, does loosen easily. Pair this with high-quality washers and rest assured, you can have a stable workout session without any worries of danger.

The maximum weight capacity is 480 lbs and the rack stands have a 50 mm steel tube frame, which makes it very strong. The rack can be customizable according to your heights and other preferences. There are 14 adjustable safety pins on each post for this purpose.

This squat rack is extremely easy to assemble and takes very little time. You can pair this with other equipment to get a comprehensive workout experience. Users have suggested that they are a bit wary of putting weight above 300 lbs despite a higher weight limit given. But for its price, Yaheetech’s squat rack is one of the best weight racks out there.


7. Uboway Barbell Rack Squat Stand

Uboway Barbell Rack Squat Stand

This squat rack has 12 height adjustments and 10 adjustable widths. You can regulate the dimensions according to your preferences. It can also be used for other workouts like dips, bench press, shoulder press, and pushups.

It is made of steel and is strong yet compact enough to comfortably fit within your room at home. It is quite convenient as a home workout equipment. It has a decent weight capacity, with the maximum load being 550 lbs.

There are two adjustable barbell storage racks so that you can use the rack for exercises other than squatting as well. Its T-shaped base provides good safety so that the rack remains stable and does not break under pressure.

There have been some user complaints about the weight capacity being less than the specified number, but for its price, the UBOWAY rack stand is a decent deal.


8. Murphy Fold up Wall-Mounted Squat Rack

Murphy Fold up Wall-Mounted Squat RackPossibly the most innovative of all the squat racks in this list, the Murphy model is a patented design and is a favorite among gym experts. Specifically designed as a piece of space-saving workout equipment, this power cage can be folded up to your wall when you’re not using it.

This is extremely useful if you’re looking for a squat rack that takes up as little space as possible. You can turn any place into your personal gym now. It has 4 gas shocks on each of its corners, which makes it easy for anybody to mount on the wall.

Assembling the rack might be a little difficult but won’t be much of a hassle if you follow the instruction manual. It has an impressive weight capacity of 1000 lbs and has a strong steel frame. Combined with other pieces of equipment, this squat rack could be turned into your very own extra compact home workout space.

It might seem a little weird as to how to use the foldable squat rack but the instruction manual is very clear and you’ll work your way around it pretty easily. The compact design is its greatest advantage and this could make the Murphy model one of the best fitness power racks out there.


9. Rage Fitness Adjustable Power Rack

Rage Fitness Adjustable Power Rack

Portable and easy to handle, this power rack has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. It is easy to assemble and comes with the strongest polyethylene thermal plastic J cups.

Combining a spotter arm would allow you to exercise outside of the cage. You can combine other workouts such as bench press and dips to make your workout more wholesome.

Users have suggested that the support legs are made of 11 gauge steel, which will bend. Another drawback is that it needs to be separately weighed down if weights about 135 lbs are lifted.


However, as a space-friendly squat rack that fits the budget, RAGE has brought out a good deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Muscles Does A Squat Rack Work?

A squat rack mainly focuses on training the muscles of the hips, thighs, buttocks, and quadriceps. However, it also works on a full leg workout. When the extra equipment offered by a power rack comes into play, the entire body is kept in focus, including strengthening the bones and ligaments. Squat racks thus work towards a full-body workout.

Q2. How Many Calories Can You Burn In A Squat Workout?

A properly dedicated squat workout can burn up to 150 calories within the first ten minutes.

Q3. What Should I Consider Before Buying A Squat Rack?

It is important to make a note of the size and build of your squat rack because it obviously needs to fit inside your house. The more compact the better. You must also consider the durability, weight capacity, and features of the squat rack before buying one.

Best Squat Racks – Conclusion

In conclusion, the best squat rack makes sure that you are at your fittest best and remain well within your budget. It is important to choose the best power racks because it needs to ensure your safety as well as provide you with an effective workout regime.

A squat rack would be a great addition to your exercise routine and the best squat racks will turn out to be some of your favorite pieces of equipment to work with.

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