Best Weighted Vests 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A fit body is everyone’s dream and a lot of people are diligently trying to take care of their health by working out. If you are already a fitness enthusiast and have been working out for a long time, you might want to throw in some extra challenges in your fitness regime. And adding some extra weight by wearing a weighted vest is one of the most popular ways to add some difficulty to your workout routine.

In this article, we will talk about the 10 best weighted vests for home gyms that you can get for yourself and include in your daily workout routine to make the process more challenging for you. Let’s find out more about the various types of weighted vests and how you can use them.

Whether you are doing push-ups in your gym or are an on-training athlete, weighted vests could be great for your workout sessions. Weighted vests are great at improving strength and endurance.

Top 10 Best Weighted Vests 2021

1. ZFOsports Weighted Vest 30lbs – 80lbs

ZFOsports Best Weighted Vest

With premium features and easy adaptability, this ZFOsports weighted vest is one of the best weighted vests you can get for your workout sessions. This classy black vest has dimensions of 19×15×6 inches. It sports a dedicated pocket to carry your phone or other music devices if you love to listen to music while going for a run or doing aerobics.

Worried about dehydration? This weighted vest also has a water bottle holder that is designed to fit all standard water bottles of the size 16oz or smaller. The vest has high adaptability that fits almost everyone. It has an attached belt that allows for easy setup. You can easily adjust this vest according to your preference. It can be loaded with a range of weights from 30 lbs to 80 lbs.


2. Everlast Weighted Vest W/Reflective Grey

Everlast Weighted Vest W Reflective Grey

If you are a rigorous trainer, this weighted vest from Everlast is one of the best weighted workout vests you can find. This Everlast weighted vest features textured panels underneath the vest, which makes sure that the vest perfectly adapts to your body. The textured panel also ensures stability and safe gripping.

This vest is manufactured with neoprene, which makes it strong, sturdy, and durable. The vest has in-built iron-sand weight fillings that can be adjustable according to your preference. Its modern design is great to flaunt, too, while on a hike. It also has adjustable straps that ensure a secured fit and the utmost comfort.


3. Tone Fitness 8lb Weighted Vest

Tone Fitness 8lb Weighted VestIf you are looking for a unisexual weighted vest, the Tone Fitness 8-pound weighted vest can be one of the best weighted vests for you. It effectively adds some resistance to your workouts and takes your training session to a challenging level. It is manufactured with soft neoprene fabric that is not only comfortable but also sturdy and durable.

The vest has stretchy fabric that ensures that the vest adapts to your body. It also has adjustable side straps that allow you to wear the vest as per your comfort. The vest also sports trendy reflective strips that allow you to safely train at night. It has evenly distributed weights across the front and back portions so you are comfortable during your long workout sessions.


4. Henkelion Weighted Vest

Henkelion Weighted Vest

Want different colour options for your weighted vest? Henkelion can be one of the best weighted training vest brands for you. The vest offers you color options such as: black, bue, pink, grey and purple. It is manufactured with soft neoprene material, which is comfortable to wear against your body.

The weighted vest uses premium-quality metal rocks and iron pellets for weights, rather than cheap sand. It is ergonomically designed and the weight is evenly distributed throughout the body. The vest also has an extra mesh pocket at the back that allows you to add extra weight if preferred. The well-distributed weight in the vest allows you to work out for long hours without the risk of straining your back and shoulder.

This versatile weighted vest also has reflective straps for your nighttime training. It has an extra pocket where you can slide in your phone or music device while you go for a run or jog. It has an elastic belt with an adjustable buckle that allows you to wear it with comfort. This vest is also recommended by physiotherapists in view of its ability to assist in the speedy rehabilitation of muscle strength


5. RBX Performance Fitness Weighted Vest

RBX Performance Fitness Weighted Vest

If you are a novice, you might want to start your workout with a lighter weighted vest. Then, this RBX Performance Fitness Weighted vest can be one of the best weighted vests for you. It has 4 pounds of weight evenly distributed throughout the vest for more comfort.

The vest is manufactured with neoprene fabric that is soft and does not irritate the skin. Its light weight makes it ideal for cardio fitness routines, walking, jogging or running. It has been claimed that the form-fitting design of the vest helps in improving posture and balance. It also perfectly adapts to your body for greater stability and comfort.

The RBX Performance Fitness vest also features highly visible reflective strips if you prefer working out after sundown. It can be worn by both men and women. It features adjustable side straps and buckles that allow optimized fitting according to individual body types and sizes.


6. Zelus Weighted Vest

Zelus Weighted Vest

With premium-quality material and desirable features, this ZELUS weighted vest can be one of the best weighted vests for crossfit. It is constructed with soft yet sturdy neoprene rubber material. Its durable fabric ensures that you can use it for a long time. It also features double-stitching for extra durability. It is versatile as you can wear it while weight-lifting, running, jogging, or any other workout you prefer.

The vest features adjustable straps and buckles that allow it to adapt to any body size and shape. The weights used in this vest are iron sand fillings which are evenly distributed throughout. This reduces the risk of injury while training. The shoulder straps of this vest are cushioned for extra comfort. You can now train for hours without chafing your shoulder.

The weight can be adjusted according to your needs. You can start with low weights (4lbs) and then gradually increase. The vest allows you to adjust the weight from 4lbs/ 6lbs/ 8lbs/ 12lbs/ 16ls/ 20lbs. As an additional feature, this vest also offers an extra elastic mesh pocket where you can securely store your belongings like car keys, cell phones, or other items.


7. Strength Sport Systems Weight Vest

Strength Sport Systems Weight Vest

The Strength Sport System is one of the best weighted vest for running, ideal for athletes who want to improve their speed and stamina. It is built with premium quality material that is strong and durable enough to endure hours of rigorous training. It has 40 pounds of well-distributed in-built weights.

The weighted vest has triple-layered pocket backing which provides maximum weight support during your cardio training, running, jogging or other workouts. It has adjustable straps that allow it to be worn according to your needs. The vest also has double padded shoulder padding for extra comfort. If you prefer to jog after sundown, the vest also has reflective stripes for your safety.


8. RitFit Adjustable Weighted Vest

RitFit Adjustable Weighted Vest

If you are looking for an adjustable vest, RitFit Weighted Vest can also be one of the best adjustable weighted vest for you. It is manufactured with soft and breathable neoprene fabric that is comfortable against your skin. It is both sturdy and durable. It has built-in pockets containing chemical-free and odor-free iron sands as weights.

The vest has adjustable front and side elastic straps with velcro that is suitable for all body shapes and sizes. It has a double-stitched, ergonomically designed structure that provides extra flexibility and adaptability. The adjustable straps ensure that the vest stays in place and do not slide or slip while you work out.

Whether you’re just a beginner or a pro, this vest can be great for anyone. You can adjust the weights according to your requirement from 8 lbs to 20 lbs. The vest is ideal for core strength training. It has thick and wide shoulder tapes that help in concentrating the weight on the chest and upper body without straining the shoulder. The vest also has reflective stripes that are visible in dark, which keeps you safe during your nighttime workout sessions.


9. Aduro Sport Weighted Vest

Aduro Sport Weighted VestAduro Sport Adjustable Weighted Vest is a piece of excellent workout equipment. It effectively adds some resistance to your workout sessions, which assists in improving body strength and endurance and also helps in burning excess calories. Weight training can also be beneficial for your cardiovascular as well as musculoskeletal health.

The weight can be adjusted according to your needs and preferences. The vest weighs 4 lbs and contains six 1 lb weight packs which you can add or remove whenever you want. The vest also has 2 extra pockets where you can store your belongings while you go for a run.

The weighted vest is manufactured with soft and sweat-resistant neoprene fabric. It is ergonomically designed with adjustable straps that allow it to adapt to all body types and sizes. It is designed to be worn by both men and women. It has an X-shape that is designed for the curves on a woman’s body.


10. Pacearth Weighted Vest

Pacearth Weighted Vest

If you want something extra with your workout equipment, then the Pacearth weighted vest can be one of the best weighted vests for you. The equipment comes as a set of weighted vests along with ankle and wrist weight bands. It is suitable for both men and women and can be worn while running, jogging, hiking, or any other workouts you prefer.

It is manufactured with premium-quality material and is filled with 6 pounds of iron sand evenly distributed with a balanced gravity centre. It is also available in a 12 lbs variety that has iron shots for weight. The vest has a mesh pocket at the back where you can conveniently store your mobile phones, car keys, or other belongings, to keep them safe and secure while you go for a run.


The Bottom Line

Weight training has various benefits. It keeps your heart and body healthy and also improves your strength and stamina. We hope our recommendations for the 10 best weighted vests will help you find out the one that is best suitable for you.

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