Alright I have searched but I was not able to find what I wanted. I have currently been lifting about 3 months now. Im 6ft tall and weigh aprox 167 pounds. I am not sure my BF% due to me not ordering a caliper yet but I would guess it would be in the low teens. Now what I have been wondering is if I continued to eat my maintenance calories for maybe another 9 months would I be able to see significant gains in muscle? More or less is is possible to turn what I currently have into mostly muscle? Some people on here have said before that 160-170 pounds for someone who is 6ft is on the skinny side but honestly I do not look skinny...I look medium I would say. I have been thinking about starting a clean slow bulk but before I did that I just wanted to see what you guys would say about this topic. Or is bulking the only option? Also, when someone says that they want to maintain the their current weight but drop BF% how do they go about doing this....what I mentioned? Thanks.