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Little Anthony
10-02-2008, 01:57 PM
A little about myself . I started powerlifting at age 19 with John Bernor as my coach for 4 years. I competed in 308 class a bunch of times . Moved to NC 2 years ago and lost 60lbs and have a few injuries that makes it hard to train consistent in squats and deads but i wana make a come back ... I use to train with Rob the Gardener a lot and todd henderson. I currently weigh between 248lbs and 255lbs and I have a slap tear in my right shoulder which happened a little over a year ago at work. When it first happened i couldnt even raise my arm much more then half way and i had to bench with just the bar for bout a month. They told me i needed surgery and its only gona get worse... I spent a lot of time rehabbing it and just didnt do any mil presses or close grip benches for 4 or 5 months and now a year later im about 95 percent pain free however its almost impossible to do back squats with even just the bar for it feels like my shoulder socket is ripping off... I also have what i believe is SI joint issues but ive seen a lot of drs chiropractors , physical therapists etc and none can really give me a answer of what my pain is... Ive spent literally 1000s of dollars and many hours trying to fix it with no prevail. I do rehab exercises and stretches and foam roller stuff for it almost every day sometimes twice a day. Usually my pain is just a level 3 or 4 on a scale of ten but whenever i push my deadlift it will get hurt bad and it will be radiating pain barely can function for a week. I had a cortizone shot in it which was the only time I been pain free but that only lasted not even a month.... Those are the major injuries i also have a few little things but nothing that effects training too bad. SORRY for the long rant ... John Bernor if your reading this i hope u can leave me comments on my training log and give me more pointers. I tried to train similar to how u taught me for the last few years on bench but I think Im stale with my current method.

Last nights workout
Front squats bunch of warm ups.... 295lbs x 5 with belt
305lbs x 5
Want to try to hit 320 x 5 next week and that will be a pr then ill add knee wraps the following week

Leg ext 4 sets of 25
SI joint rehab work and glute work 3 or 4 sets
Weighted planks 55lbs on back 3 sets of 30 seconds each... last week did 45lbs for 2 sets of 75 seconds
bicep work
grip work number 2 gripper 12 times

Todays tri workout

Close grip bench ... 275lbs x3 easy
290lbs x4.... I could of did 5
Barbell ext to forehead
115lbs x10x8x6x6
ROPE pushdowns 2 sets of 15
2sets of 8
Slap tear rehab and rotator work
20 min cardio

Little Anthony
10-05-2008, 06:48 PM
Shrugs on cambered bar
335lbs x10x10x10... not hendorsons real shrugs
135lbs x20x20 held at top a second or 2
barbell rows strict little body english 185lbs x15x15x15
stiff leg deadlifts 135lbs x15
lat pulldowns 2 sets of 6 2 sets of 10
one armed cable rows 1 set of 8 1 set of 15
leg raises 2 sets of 30
leg raises on floor with 10lb ball in hand 2 sets of 15
wrist roller 4 sets
4 sets calf raises
ran a mile

Little Anthony
10-06-2008, 07:52 PM
Flat bench press to 2 board... 315 x3 , 335 x 3 , 365 x 1.... all reps long paused...
flat bench press with feet on bench no arch no technique huge range of motion 300 x 3 paused

incline dumbell press 125s x6 x5
85s x 15 inch from lockout each rep
pec dec 2 sets of 15
barbell seated mil press 205lbs x10
150lbs x 15 rainbow press
side raises 4 sets
rear delt 2 sets
rotator work 3 sets
pushups x 30
10 min cardio

rob spitzner
10-07-2008, 06:07 AM
nice work, strong db presses. Wow!! that rant must be a PR.

Little Anthony
10-07-2008, 12:23 PM
Thanks robert
Todays workout

Front squats 335lbs x 3 just a belt... was gona do 320 x 5 but i been doing sets of 5 at least 4 weeks so time to go up... next week i will add knee wraps and try 365 ish for 3
then did 225 x 10 loose belt narrow and deeper
leg ext 4 sets of 20
SI joint rehab 2 sets
crunches on ball x 60
x16x16 to each side
bicep work
calf raises bunch of sets
closed number 2 gripper 12 times again.... i use to be able to do this 23 reps when i train it seriously
iron mind twist yo wrist 2 sets with 10lb plate 5 reps each set one the hard way one the easy way

Gona go back tonite and do cardio... I think its time to invest in a trap bar deadlift i dont think those will destroy my back like reg deads do

Little Anthony
10-10-2008, 05:19 PM
Close grip bench
265lbsd x5
275lbs x 7
skull crushers to forehead 125lbs x7x7x7x7
cable kick backs 4 sets of 15
slap tear rehab
rotator work
25 min cardio

Little Anthony
10-11-2008, 02:40 PM
Hang cleans

185lbs x3
205lbs x3
225lbs x3
Farmer walk sprints with 125lbs in each hand i went 50 feet made a turn came back 50 feet and put them down then the guy i lift with sometimes did the same and we did this 10 times each back to back only time we rested was while the other was going... def was intense and im gona add a lot of weight on these in time
pull ups wide grip x5x4x4
side planks 2 sets each side for 30 seconds
decline sit ups 20lbs behind neck 15 reps
dumbell rows 150s x8
i had to cut this one short and the farmers took a lot out of me

Little Anthony
10-13-2008, 12:36 PM
flat bench to 3 board
315lbs x3
350lbs x3
365lbs x3
315lbs x10...
jus trying new stuff i guess
all reps paused on boards
Decline bARbell 315lbs x3
335lbs x3
flat dumbell press 115lb dbs x10x10 could of did a few more
80lb dbs x17 all inch from lockout
pec dec 2 sets of 15
dumbell mil press 80lb dbs x10
90lb dbs x8

side raises 30lb dbs x15x15x15
slap tear rehab
side bends 50lb db x 20 reps each side

rob spitzner
10-15-2008, 08:41 AM
flat bench to 3 board
315lbs x3
350lbs x3
365lbs x3
315lbs x10...
jus trying new stuff i guess
all reps paused on boards
Decline bARbell 315lbs x3
335lbs x3
flat dumbell press 115lb dbs x10x10 could of did a few more
80lb dbs x17 all inch from lockout
pec dec 2 sets of 15
dumbell mil press 80lb dbs x10
90lb dbs x8

side raises 30lb dbs x15x15x15
slap tear rehab
side bends 50lb db x 20 reps each side

looks good but didnt u bench 365 full range not to long ago, put some weight on the bar with that board work.

Little Anthony
10-15-2008, 07:49 PM
Front squats with tight belt and knee wraps... i wrapped them myself pretty tight but im assuming if someone wrapped them for me that new what they were doing i could get more lbs out of them

work set 370 lbs x2.... was gona do 3 but my form was off .... wasnt a great set but still a pr
was gona do 315 for reps next with wraps and belt but my heavy set messed my bad shoulder up it felt like it did when it was hurting bad almost a year ago so i just did 225 for ten narrower and with a very loose belt

hip adductor and hip abductor 3 sets each
leg curls 2 sets of 10
leg ext 2 sets of 20
ab machine 1 set of 20 1 set of 15
hyp ext 1 set of 15 with 25lb dumbell
leg raises x20x20
bicep work
calf work
grip work
ran half a mile

Little Anthony
10-16-2008, 07:32 PM
Close grip bench
225lbs x5
275lbs x3
300lbs x3
i think i could of did 4 or 5
My right elbow been hurting since tues for some reason (my elbows are the only part of me that never have been hurt or injured til this week.... i took ibeprofen and iced it and it wasnt too bad to workout)
db extentions on a incline
35 lb dumbells x15x15x15x15
drop set 25lbs x15
they were hurting elbows but not enough to not do them
3 sets of one arm pushdowns
3 sets of rope pushdowns just last 4 inches of movement 4 sets of 25 reps
rotator work
slap tear rehab
ran a mile

Little Anthony
10-17-2008, 12:31 PM
Shrugs on cambered bar
385lbs x6
405lbs x6
415lbs x5
these were not strict but def not hendersons... full range and slight body movement
drop set 225lbs 20
135lbs x20
dumbell rows 150lb dbs x10x10
115lb dbs x9 each rep paused at top for a split second and lowered slow
rev grip pulldowns x8x8 x10 paused at chest lowered slow
crunches on ball with 10 lb plate behind neck x25x25
twist yo wrist witrh 20 lbs 4 sets of 2 rotations 2 each way
rev wrist curls bar x10x10x10

Little Anthony
10-20-2008, 10:33 PM
Tonites workout wasnt great I NEED STEADY TRAINING PARTNERS...
I got to the gym late cause i just came off night shift and slept all day... the gym was freezing cold and for me to say that it must of been
Decline barbell warmed up to 340lbs for a single and it felt real easy .... plan was to do 350 for 2 or 3 reps but i just jumped to 365lbs
bad handoff basically almost killed me and i missed it
waited 5 minutes same thing even worse handoff but this time i got it once and racked it...

flat dumbell presses 125lb dbs x6 x6 missed 7
i wanted to get at least 7 but i had no motivation its hard lifting by urself
100s x 15 inch from lockout
pec dec 1 set of 15 and 2 sets of 10
dumbell military press
100lb dbs x 6...
drop set 55lbs x 15
side raises 3 sets
rear delt machine 2 sets of 15
slap tear rehab
ran half a mile
rob i miss u and todd im gona win the lotto and pay u to move here and train with me

Little Anthony
10-21-2008, 07:18 PM
Front squats
warmed up to 315lbs wit knee wraps and belt
work set 385lbs x 2.... Felt great and easier then 370lbs did last week i could of did at least 3
315lbs x 6... looser wraps and looser belt
leg curls 2 sets of 15
standing side bends 65lb dbs x 20 reps each side
side plank 30 sec each side did these rite after the side bends
decline sit ups 25lb plate behind my neck x 15 reps
leg raises 2 sets of 20 reps
calf raises 3 sets of 20
bicep work
grip work
forearm and wrist work
ran a mile
Time to stretch and foam roll my low back and ice it

rob spitzner
10-21-2008, 10:32 PM
looks good, hows ur shoulder? at our old gym they moved the boxing ring in with the bball court and move all the squat racks and put a bench in that back room. made a nice little dungeon.

Little Anthony
10-25-2008, 01:19 PM
Well i got to try out my new trap bar today

Trap bar deadlifts... These were done with the low handle flush with the bar

405lbs x5 reps.... each rep stopped at bottom .........Felt like i could of did 8 to 10 reps
I know this is nowhere near as strong as I USED TO BE but the most important thing is I walked out of the gym with no radiating pain in my back and leg so im thankful for that and im praying i can work these up to something heavy

Hang cleans 245lbs x 1... my form sucks i basicly up right rowed this with body english

Farmer walks with 210lbs in each hand 3 sets 30 feet each.... did these in the gym since we didnt have a lot of time again gona work these up slowly... My old best set on these was 300lbs in each hand for 32 feet or somehting like that.

Pull ups neutral grip but wide
body weight x 6x7x4
one arm shrugs 50 lb db x15 each side
weighted planks with 100lb plate on back 2 sets of 30 seconds
wrist roller 3 sets
rev wrist curls 2 sets

Little Anthony
10-25-2008, 01:22 PM
Rob my shoulder is 95 percent pain free most of the time but sometimes it flares up bad... its weird it wont hurt to mil press heavy but to stretch it over my head far hurts a lot... Thank god theres really no instability in it but its def not like it use to be before the incident... Truthfully its a day at the park compared to how my back feels sometimes

rob spitzner
10-25-2008, 02:15 PM
thats pretty good on that trap bar. remember when we tried pulling with one of them days before that strongman comp we both thought it was weird compared to a reg bar. be patient.

Little Anthony
10-26-2008, 02:13 PM
Flat bench press to 2 board paused
365lbs x1 felt fast so i figured id try 405
405lbs x miss
this depressed me for i feel my bench has not improved in a very long time... the only time it ever really improved was when i gained a lot of weight...
full range 225lbs x15 x17... still think i can do 20
flat dumbell press 115lbs x 12
75s x 19 inch from lockout
pec dec 1 set of 15 and 1 set of 20
dumbell mil press 80lb dbs x 14
side raises 3 sets
rear delt raises 1 set

Little Anthony
10-29-2008, 07:36 PM
Zercher squats walked out ... bout a shoulder width stance and to below parralel
135lbs x8
185lbs x5
225lbs x5
275lbs x5
that was it.... felt like i could do much more but first time doing them in like 5 years.... my bicep area was hurting a lot and my slap tear in shoulder felt aggravated afterward but such is life
leg press narrow 600lbs ish x 10
glute exercises 2 sets of 8
leg curls 2 sets of 7
ab machine 2 sets of 5
leg raises x 40
side bends on hyp ext x 30 each side
bicep work
calf raises and grippers
wrist roller
ran a mile and stretched and foam rolled

Little Anthony
10-30-2008, 06:41 PM

Today an intresting thing happened at the gym... Before i started my workout I seen this guy i new from work... for whoever dont know or whoevers actually reading this i work in a jail. I remmeber when i seen him over a year ago i thought to myself this is one of the biggest dudes ive ever seen. Ive been around a lot of big strong guys in my time trust me and this guy is up there with the best of them. I asked em how much he benches he said 550 or so and he weighs 335lbs and id guess hes about 6 , 3... I thought to myself man hope this dude dont give me any problems but he was cool as can be... So now i run into em over a year later and he def looked smaller but not by much. He says he hasnt lifted in quite some time since 06 actually but he still had more muscle on him then most guys will ever have even after training ten years and forcing numerous amounts of food down there throat. He said he weighs 298 and this was his first week back in training... His arms are way more defined then mine and hes 50lbs heavier and has not lifted in a long time... He was just doing high reps with 185 but said in a few months if i stick around ill see em do over 500 and i believe it... Now i was warming up with 275lbs on close grips and went to 295 for my work set ... wanted to do just reps but he said i better put 305 on cause i wont notice the difference between 275 and 295 LOL... I new for someone as gifted as him and as strong as him he cant compehend what it feels like to be small and weak so i just listened to em and did 305lbs x3 x3 on close grips... I asked em what he use to pull and squat... he said he pulled 690 and squated like 750 with belt and wraps... Why am i writing all this? I guess it just blows my mind someone could be so strong and maintain so much muscle without actually training... I was about 180lbs with love handles and couldnt bench 150 when i first started. I now for sure believe there can be guys like brian siders that are that strong while being drug free... Its a shame if he didnt get into drugs and hang with the wrong crowd i bet this guy could be up there with the best of them... I dont think he even ever bothered with anything to do with nutrition for the majority of his lifting was done in prison.

Rest of my workout
dumbell ext 40lbs x10x10x10x10x8... bout min rest between sets
rope pushdowns last 3 inches x20x20x20
rear delt machine 2 sets of 10
slap tear rehab
20 min cardio

Mickey G
11-02-2008, 08:19 AM
Hey there buddy! Nice going on the close grips!
We should have a race to a 405 close grip...might take a while...I'm only at 325x3 now.
Let me know when your coming up in Dec and we'll train.
I did 3 short runs with an 801 yoke yesterday. It's starting to become a good event for me.

Little Anthony
11-02-2008, 05:11 PM
mickey glad u joined... ill be up dec 12th ISH... i def wana do some farmers at least...

Little Anthony
11-02-2008, 05:14 PM

Shrugs with cambered bar 455lbs x 4... passed out for a second i guess for not breathing??? i just feel forward and seen the world spin...
455lbs x5
315lbs x10 x10 held at top
dumbell rows 125lbs x24 each side
125lb dbs x6 paused at top and lowered slow
rev grip pulldowns 4 sets of 8
romanian deadlifts 135 x 15
gay pilates ab stuff my physical therapist told me to do
wrist roller 1 set
rev wrist curls 2 sets
might go jog a mile in a little bit here... been trying to gain weight lately but slowly... seems any weight i ever gain is FAT.... wish i could be Jacked like other guys around here

Little Anthony
11-03-2008, 11:33 AM

Comp grip bench to 3 board
all sets done with mini bands atached to dumbells... i have no idea how much tension it is but im guessing 40 to 60 lbs at the upper end of lockout

225lbs x3... all reps were paused into board
275lbs x3
295lbs x3
315lbs x1
340lbs x1
365lbs x miss
365lbs x barely missed... was stuck in air for ever jus not moving either way then slowly came down on me... if i could of jus broke that spot i think id lock it out fast but all well
incline barbell 265lbs x5
270lbs x5
225lbs x10 all paused
cable crossovers 3 sets of 20
standing military press ZERO leg drive 195lbs x5x5... both sets i had more in me but will work them up slow... wish i could do 400lbs like vinny d
side raises 45lb dbs x8
30lbs x15x15
rotator work
done.... will probably do some low low intense cardio tonite for 30 to 45 minutes...

Little Anthony
11-04-2008, 01:23 PM
I guess i should start writing my body weight each time i train also.... I been between 248 and 260 for the last 2 years... When im dieting i get down to 248 and seems i cant get past that and when i gain i feel fatter not more muscular.... Last month or so i been trying to gain cause i think to myself if im scared to get fat im never gona gain any more muscle or strength so im gona try to gain very slowly and maybe go all the way up to 270ish by april . NOTE(i use to weigh 310lbs so 270 for me is very easily attainable just wana try to gain QUALITY weight) Today i was 255lbs
Zercher squats walked out
work set 300lbs x 5... i think i can still do a lot more but man i swear i was so close to passing out i think my blood pressure was through the roof sometimes my feet tingle when i do front squats or these... I just had my blood pressure checked and it was high but i took a lot of caffeine before i worked out so im hoping it was just cause of that...
im wondering if i should do these from a set point in the rack and just lift it off the pins then re set it and do the reps like that instead of holding it the whole time ? guess both ways are good for diff reasons
leg press narrow 650lbs ish x 10
glute work
leg curls 2 sets of 15
hip adductor and hip abductor machines
calf raises 4 sets of 20
side bends 80lb dumbell x10 each side
decline sit ups body weight x 37 reps
bicep work
grip work
rev curls 55lbs x10x10
gona do 45 min tonite of cardio

Little Anthony
11-06-2008, 07:21 PM
body weight was 257
close grip bench no hand off and no spot 280lbs x6.... thought to myself it was easy but i need a spot i dont wna get crushed so i did another set but just told the guy to do NOTHING unless i miss a rep... he actually listend to me so i unracked it and did
280lbs x 8

my old best set was 300lbs for 8 and i weighed 308ish when i did that so im thinking if i gain al ittle more weight and keep training good i can tie that record eventually at a much lighter weight
db skull crushers 45lbs x8x8x5
25lbs x7x7 these were drop sets and very very short rest between all sets
rev grip pushdowns 4 sets
rotator work and slap tear rehab
ran 1 and a quarter mile

Little Anthony
11-07-2008, 11:53 AM
body weight 254
Trap bar deadlifts workset 425lbs x5
hang cleans 185lbs x5x5... easy was working on form
romanian stiff leg deadlifts 155lbs x15
dumbell shrugs seated 115lb dbs x10x10x10x10
30lb db x15x15 held at top
chest supported t bar row 4 plates x8x8 , 3 plates x7 but held at top for 2 seconds then lowered slow... same thing x6
leg raises x30x30
pull ups neutral grip wider then shoulder width x5x5
crunches on ball with 10lb plate behind neck x25x25
wrist roller and reverse wrist curls

Little Anthony
11-09-2008, 02:23 PM

Todays workout sucked... Warming up 135 felt like 185 and 185 felt like 225 and 225 felt like 275... anyway was gona take a heavy single to 2 board but it went like this
315 x 2 felt like i never benched before it was all over the place...
335 x 2 way worse
370lbs x miss WTF????
my workout partner experienced the same thing he benched 390 a few weeks ago and basicly got crushed by 370 today
i dnt know what it was
incline barbell... these went a little better i guess
worksets 280lbs x4x4
230lbs x9 paused
pec dec 3 sets of 15
standing mil press ZERO leg drive 205lbs x 3...
side raises 4 sets
rear delt raises 2 sets
We did go out and celebrate my bday last nite and there was some drinking maybe that had to do with it? I wont touch alcohol again til i visit NY

Little Anthony
11-10-2008, 12:16 PM
Body weight was 259 today... yesterday was my once a month cheat day where i eat garbage food all day as much as possible.... i use to do this every sunday but now i do this once a month when trying to gain weight... i learned this practice from big john bernor... ill prolly be 255 again by wensday... the good news is my belt still fit normal so maybe im gaining a little muscle for once not just fat
Zercher squats walked out and below parralel used a tight belt
275lbs x1
315lbs x1
leg curls 2 sets of 5
hip adductor and hip abductor 2 sets of each
calf raises 2 sets of 20
bicep work
grip work closed number 2 12 times no chalk
rev wrist curls 2 sets
decline sit ups with 25lb plate behind neck x 16 reps (that was a one rep pr)
no weight x 20 bout a min later
back to night shift tonite at work and i plan on making up for that terrible benching yesterday on wens nite with close grips... ill do some low intense cardio tommorow afternoon before work

Little Anthony
11-12-2008, 06:02 PM
body weigh was 258lbs
I figured id be weak tonite since im sick as a dog rite now , i got more green stuff coming out of me then linda blair in the exorcist plus worked til 530 am today since im on night shift... somehow my workout wasnt all that bad

close grip bench 275lbs x1
315lbs x1
345lbs x1
360lbs x miss BARELY.... i think i could of got it but i just stalled at my usual sticking point ... anyway my best was 385lbs at 308lbs or so .... so i think im going to destroy that pr in time and at a much lighter body weight
db extensions 50lb dbs x6x6x5x5
20lb dbs x20
rev grip one arm pushdowns 3 sets of ten
rotator work and slap tear rehab
ran 3/4 of a mile

Little Anthony
11-13-2008, 09:21 PM
body weight back down to 255lbs today
Trap bar deadlifts
work set 455lbs x 2.... set was easy could of did 5 but i will work up doubles a few weeks then maybe take a max...
shrugs on cambered bar 405lbs x8x8... these were done pretty strict
315lbs x 15 held at top for a second
chest supported t bar rows 4 plates and a ten... x8x8
3 plates and a ten x8 paused at top x 6 paused at top
pull ups wide grip x3x3x3
standing side bends 80lb db x8 each side
decline sit ups body weight x 39 reps
leg raises 2 sets of ten each rep paused at top
rev wrist curls 3 sets of 8
regular wrist curls 2 sets of 10

Little Anthony
11-17-2008, 07:47 PM
Body weight 254lbs today
I think my bodyweight fluctuates more then my checking account

Flat bench wide grip full range with doubled mini bands
225lbs x3
265lbs x3
275lbs x3
285lbs x2
straight weight 315lbs x2
335lbs x1 felt easy
365lbs x miss dam it just missed it
incline barbell 295lbs x2
300lbs x2 missed 3
245lbs x6 paused
cable crossovers 2 sets of 15
standing mil press ZERO leg drive 225lbs x1 ... felt easy
250lbs x miss BARELY... i swear i just missed that but im happy and thankful for this workout and i think if i do this movement fresh i can do more then 250 and with leg drive i think im gona hit 300 this winter
rear delt raises 30lb dbs x12x12x12
side raises 50lb dbs x8x8
25lb dbs x15 drop set
rotator work
ran a mile at a decent pace
done next week im taking off for i havent had a week off in 5 or so months and i HATE taking off but i know for a fact it does me good

Little Anthony
11-18-2008, 06:51 PM
Front squats 225lbs x15... could of kept going
hip abduction 4 sets of 12
4 sets calf raises
standing side bends 100lb db x10 each side
leg raises 3 sets
crunches on ball x 50 reps
bicep work
grip work
eliptical 15 min

Little Anthony
11-22-2008, 11:50 AM
Yesterdays light tricep workout
close grip bench 225lbs x12
dumbell ext 30lbs x15x15 x12
pushdowns 3 sets of 20
this was a Deload workout
rotator work
slap tear rehab
ran 3/4 mile

Todays workout 11/22/08
body weight 258
trap bar deadlifts
475lbs x1
500lbs x 1... wasnt the hardest deadlift ive ever done but def wasnt the easiest but i guess this is a pr since ive only done trap bar deadlifts 6 times in my life
cambered bar shrugs 425lbs x8x8
pull ups wide x2 x4x4x4
decline sit ups x20x20
wrist roller 3 sets
done... thats it taking a week off im def beat up and i think it will do me good will start back next sunday and do a high rep back workout then go from there

11-22-2008, 07:28 PM
Solid efforts throughout, nice job man.

Little Anthony
11-30-2008, 08:50 PM
Light back workout first workout back after a week lay off
standing dumbell shrugs 75s x15x15x15
barbell row bodybuilding style pretty strict 185lbs x15x15
romanian deadlifts 135lbs x 20
ultra wide lat pulldowns to chest 3 sets of 10
sit ups on floor 3 sets of 20
wrist roller 4 sets

rob spitzner
12-01-2008, 06:07 PM
training looks great stop complaining so much

Little Anthony
12-01-2008, 10:41 PM
comp grip bench to 3 board paused
315lbs x 5 easy
340lbs x 5 easy... had no spot or hand off basicaly asked some guy to stand there just in case
full range 275lbs x 5 paused real easy felt i could do ten
incline dumbell press 115lbs x8x8 95lbs x 12 paused and inch from lockout
seated barbell mil press 225lbs x 5
135lbs x 20
side raises 45lbs x8x8x8
rotator work
slap tear rehab
ran a mile
i decided im gona drop the flys or cable crossovers for now... after reading a lot of the strong guys training logs i see none of them do them and lot of these guys do a lot less volume ... also i was taught if u cant think of a reason of why ur doing a exercise u shouldnt do them... my reason for always doing flies was i thought it would add pec size but this may or may not be true but i doubt there gona help my bench go up so for now ill drop them , plus ill have more energy for militarys...

Little Anthony
12-02-2008, 02:06 PM
12/2/08 wrote wrong date on yesterdays session
body weight 255
front squats 230lbs x15
leg curls 2 sets of 15
calf raises 3 sets of 20
leg raises 2 sets of 20
crunches on ball x 45
side bends 45lbs x 20 each side
bicep work
kept this one fast had a lot to do today

Little Anthony
12-06-2008, 05:27 PM
Thursdays tri workout
close grip bench 295 x3 could of did 5 or 6 but had no handoff and no spot
skull crushers to throat 95lbs x 12x12x12x12
those were KILLING the elbows
pushdows with rope 3 sets of 25
ran a mile
Yesterdays workout
bodyweight 255
Trap bar deadlifts 435 lbs x 5... could of did more
cambered bar shrugs 365x12x12 315 x 15
romaninan deads 155 x 20
barbell rows 205lbs x 15x15
ultra wide pulldowns to chest 3 sets of 10
decline sit ups 35lb plate behind neck x 5
sit ups on floor x 35
side bends 50lbs x 20 each side
wrist roller 2 sets
reverse wrist curls 2 sets

Little Anthony
12-07-2008, 03:51 PM
body weight 255
flat bench to 2 board with doubled mini bands
work set 295lbs x 2 missed 3.... paused into board
295lbs x 2 again
straight weight full range
275lbs x 3
295lbs x3
315lbs x 3
higher incline dumbell press
115lbs x 8
120lbs x 7
barbell mil press work set 245lbs x 3
drop set 155lbs x 15
side raises 3 sets of 15
rear delt machine 2 sets of 12
i did a little less volume on purpose i have to run my physical test on wens for my job which includes push ups and sit ups...
i also went home and ran about a mile and did 2 sets of 25 sit ups

rob spitzner
12-20-2008, 08:57 PM
its was cool to get to train with ya again like old times, sorry our dungeon dosent have any mirrors.