View Full Version : tracking an accurate number of C's & Ps in my meals?

08-15-2010, 11:01 AM
is there a way i could track how much Cals and Pros im eating in each meal? I check sites but some site has different interpretations and i just want a accurate number. (cuz i might think im taking more than im actually taking because of unaccurate counting)

example, today i ate 2 peices of curry chicken (drumstick & thighs) a slice of baked macoroni with a side of milk. now the milk obviously has a label that tells you how much C & P are in it but unfortunately, labels for meat don't really tell you that.


also could you name a few foods i could buy at the supermarket that i could eat for bulking..?? i know tere's meat like chicken , tuna, and yogurt, milk, cheese, but after a while that can get boring...