View Full Version : Should I implement this in my diet?

10-15-2011, 02:15 AM

I've been going to the gym for only 3-4 months, and I've been inconsistent. I do a 3day split per week. I'm 18 and I weigh 109lbs and I'm 5'7.

As far as my diet goes, I've been sorta inconsistent with that as well. I try to have a protein shake or more to go along with the rest of the food i eat every day. Some days I probably won't eat as much as I should or get the right amount of calories.

I'm going to start demanding myself to be more consistent throughout and was wondering if I should get some assistance by taking creatine powder? I've never taken any supplements before for working out (except like vitamins and stuff). I was looking at micronized creatine or just creatine monohydrate. I know I have to drink lots of water but whats your guys' input? Will I see some gains? (water weight?)

p.s. sorry if you've read threads like this 100x before!

Off Road
10-15-2011, 06:50 AM
The consistancy of your workout and diet will be way more beneficial than any supplement. Protein powder and creatine can be useful, but not if the effort and diet isn't there first.