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mr x
05-10-2001, 10:23 AM
I have a question I've decided to take a week off but I don't feel overtrained or nothing but I haven't taken a week off for over 6 months so I've decided to take one now . But when you guys take a week off does that mean no cardio or only weight training , because I think that if I go a week without doing any sort of physical activity I will go nuts because I have alot of energy all the time I'm never tired and never get more than 6 hours of sleep a night but I recover extremelly fast and I have never felt symptoms of overtraining and I train 6 days a week 4 days weights and 2 days cardio and I train very intense most of the time . BUt I know I'm not overtraining because trainijg this way has worked for me and when I train training less I got less results . So if you feel good and have tremendous evergy is it good doing some sort of cardio or would it be better for me to just stop everything for a week ? Because when I do cardio more carbs are being stored into my muscle cells and get better pumps ? So what do you guys do when you take a week off ? thanks in advance .


05-10-2001, 11:10 AM
I took a whole week off. I don't do cardio, but if I did, that would get cut out as well. A week off is just that, a week off. No cardio, no lifting. Just go about your normal life, then come back a week later. I gaurantee you'll feel better psychologically when you start again.

05-10-2001, 11:21 AM
When you do cardio, more carbs are stored in your muscle cells? Huh? Maybe you should use some of the time to research training and diet. That would do more good than anything.

I use the time off to relax. If I were off for 1 week, I may do something else I enjoy like play basketball, but I would definitely keep my butt out of the weight room.

Tips for better results:

1 - sleep more - not because you are tired, but because muscle building hormones are released when you sleep.
2 - train less, but with higher intensity(yes, higher - it is possible)

You WILL get better results.

mr x
05-10-2001, 11:48 AM
thanks for the replies but yes gino according to my experience doing cardio helps more carbs to be stored into the muscle cells and many experts reccomend doing cardio on an empty stomach for 30 min each morning during the bulking season john parillo is one of the xprets that does reccomend it and it really does help when you do cardio on a regular basis you can easily knock out more reps and have more stamina as well according to my experience off course everybody is different but when I tried cutting cardio I noticed my muscles appeared less full . And as for sleep I don't need more than 6 hours because if I get more than 6 my body feels run down and I don't seem to be recovering as fast . So 5 to 6 is the best for me becasue that's when my metabolism works the highest and I feel my best and I do other things to recover other than sleeping I do alot of meditation and I'm also a expert neuro linguistic programming and I can easily program myself into feeling my best all the time and recovering twice as fast as the regular person . And I tried sleeping for 8 hours in the past but it's simply a waste of time for me and I simply don't need it and 8 hours doesn't help me more with muscle building . And I did try training with a hgier intensity with less reps but I usually grow more when I do 12 sets for small parts and 16 sets for large parts My body just has a tendensy to recover very quickly . But I'm still taking a week off and I will be eating at least 5000 calories a day for a week and I will be recovered more than ever and I have a very fast metabolism I won't get fat I'm sure I need at least 6000 calories to gain 1or 2 lbs a week so I guess I will be eating my regular bodybuilding meals with alot of extra ice cream and pizza :D time to go eat :cool:

05-10-2001, 02:04 PM
Sounds like you want to gain a few pounds. Once again, if you want to gain weight, work out less and sleep more. I'm not talking about what's "enough" and what has given you results in the past. Scientifically speaking, and speaking from experience, it will be easier to gain muscle by sleeping more. Period.

Cardio DEPLETES muscle glycogen stores. That is a scientific fact. The less cardio that is done, the EASIER it will be to put on muscle mass. No one on this board will dispute that.

Even if you are a superhuman athlete, like it sounds you are as you described your recovery capabilities & energy, these rules still apply.

You said that high volume training is working for you - if you are progressing on your current routine, there is no reason to take a week off in the first place. Don't take a week off "for the hell of it." Take one off when you NEED to. What happens if you get sick and have to take a week off right after this off week? Then you either have to take ANOTHER week off or work out while you're sick, neither of which I'd recommend.

mr x
05-10-2001, 02:21 PM
thanks dino I will follow your advice for a while for the next few weeks after my week off .it seems you offer good advice I will try to cut back on some cardio and upper my itensity with weights and see what happens but I don't want to go over 180 lbs I usually go for the cut athletic look and I'm a kickboxer as well and I usually fight in the middleweight class which is beetween 170 to 180 lbs and I can't fight as good n the light heavyweight division I fight alot better bettween 170 to 180 . So I guess the only cardio I will be doing will be from kickboxing but I will spend less time in the gym and upper the itensity . And thanks again for the great advice .

05-10-2001, 02:59 PM
Sure thing.

Kickboxing huh? That must be fun. I boxed for 5 years and really enjoyed it. You have to be flexible to be a kickboxer - one of the reasons I never tried it. Reminds me, I gotta start stretching more.