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11-06-2003, 05:23 AM
Okay.. i THINK i got this all right.. but i just wanna make sure :)

On workout days i do this.

0:00 - pre workout ( actual time varies everyday, depending on classes, so i'll start at a time of 0 ) - 1/3 Cup oatmeal and 30 grams protein ( tuna or egg whites )

1:30 - Workout

2:15 - Post workout - Shake containing whey, dextrose, creatine.

4:00 - Same as meal 0:00

On cardio days i do the same thing, but leave dextrose out of the shake since i am only able to do low-med intensity cardio i do onot see the benefit of the dextrose.

On cardio +workout days ( i know its best to seperate them by 8 hours or more but this is simply not possible being a student. )

0:00 - 1/3 Cup oatmeal, 30 grams protein ( whole food source )

1:30 - workout
2:15 - same p/w shake
2:20 - cardio
3:00 - same cardio shake
5:00 same as meal 0:00

How does that look? if you need me to clarify sumthing just ask me, kinda in a rush typing it since im almost late for classes :0 awww who cares, lots of new messages on the board, i'll skip! :D

11-07-2003, 01:06 PM
Anyone? Also.. If i eat a low GI carb + protein meal before cardio, will the cardio just burn the carbohydrates instead of buring my BF?