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rookie's slave
02-16-2004, 11:18 AM
OK... Here's the deal...

USED to be into the natural BB lifestyle for like 6 years... didn't miss a workout in 5 years...

Went from 140 lbs. in last year of highschool to 211 after university.

Got relatively hizzuge.
Lift ranges were:
Bench - 315+ for reps (4-5)
S.L. deadlift - 405 (2-4)
Squats - 315 (6) - Not a squatter - obviously.
B.O. row - 315 (6-8)
DB chest press - 130 / side (4)
DB Shoulder press - 90 / side (6-8)

So I guess I was strong (the older I get... the stronger and biggerI was! :D )

Got outta the lifestyle COLD TURKEY!
Just stopped one day.
Was getting too hard... eating 7 times / day... times so that I had a 15 min. window on either side of a meal in which I HAD to feed.
Typical bodybuilding diet.... high protein, moderate carb, low-ish fat. High calories... LOTS of sleep... beautiful.
Became too much. Wanted to get some. Was spending too much timein the gym with other sweaty men... not cool.


Gettin' sucked back in after a 3+ yr. haidus. (it was nice not worrying about what / when to eat... and gettin' by on 5-6 hrs/ sleep!)

Different goals / needs.
USED to be... "occupy as much cubic space as possible!"
NOW... "Get very lean, gain some decent muscle size / shape and become more purpose-built."

See... I race cars and go-karts... so I need to reduce useless weight... like bodyfat... I'm OK with being a little more muscular than is ideal for my sport... but I'm not cool with bulking and excess lb.'age.

185 lbs.
bodyfat: unknown... approx 15% +

Goal: get it down to where I can see abs, serrations, details... approx = 7% or so???
While gaining as much muscle as possible at this level...
I've got strong genetics... and MUSCLE MEMORY!!! :D

Not sure the eventual outcome... maybe weigh in about the same???
Here's the kicker... I'm not going to do BIG compond movements... as I don't want to get too big... as I must still fit into my custom fiberglass race-bucket of a seat. Lats used to be too big to fit into this thing...

I'm avoiding:
Squats (azz gets HIZZUGE...)
B.O. rows (don't want to get TOO wide...)

I'm focusing on... (curl jockying)
Chest, bi's, tri's, delts, back muscularity / definition, etc.

Don't flame / ban me RIGHT AWAY... ;)

2-day split routine
Anabolic diet (CKD)

Day 1: Mon: Chest, Bi's, light legs (extensions, curls, calves) - hope to indirectly stimulate tri's on the chest excercises and back on the bi excercises

Day 2: Thurs: Back, Tri's, Delts - Hope to hit the bi's and check on the back and Bi movements.

Will still be working up to upper-body pressing movements, pull-ups, dips, all bodyweight movements etc... Filling in the sessions with hammer-strength and misc. dumbell movements... and fine-tuning with cables.

We'll see how the weights go...
On the Anabolic diet... I've got like 30 g. carbs per day during the week... so we'll see how intense the excercises / lifts are going to be...

Trying to LOOK like a bodybuilder year-round... to the average schmuck... not like a tank 11 mos. / year with 1 lean stretch in there...

The goal... is to gain muscle... lose fat... keep it sustainable... and not over-take my life completely... leaving time for racing, family, friends, etc.

So... there you have it...

02-16-2004, 11:26 AM
I posted!

02-16-2004, 11:31 AM
Good luck with your goals!

02-16-2004, 01:03 PM

Welcome to journal land. I remember when you were 211, you definitely looked big. You're still a good size now, lost the some of shoulders and traps you had before but the shape is still there. You've got the genetics to do well.

You got out of bb just as I was getting into it and could have saved myself a year learning from you. Glad to see you're getting back into it, even if I've been bugging you for the last 4-5 months, you fat slob. ;)

Good luck on your goals. Now get back to work! :whip:

02-16-2004, 01:53 PM
Oh man, a new journal to :spam: but as noted Rookie is your boss,which consequently means he'll see your posts and know you were slacking off at work :eek: what a predicament that'll be! Good luck on your goals and with this journal.

02-16-2004, 02:58 PM
I'm only his boss for another month, wikked. Besides, he'd have a bit more on me with the number of posts I do on the board during the day. ;)

rookie's slave
02-16-2004, 03:04 PM
After 2 weeks of the diet... and 1 week of working out... (2 workouts) I can honestly say that I've seen a substantial change... and that I believe that I will make rapid progress....

Already leaner (although smooth out diring carb-up weekends) and packin' back on the muscle in my back, arms, shoulders, etc!

Shoulders and traps will take off like gang-busters... no probs!

It's kinda cool... I'm able to focus on those areas that are my strengths... that I didn't really EVER focus strongly on... as when you're seriously natural bb'ing... you work on big lifts... and ALWAYS on your weaknesses... hardly your strengths...
Legs (squatting) used to take up 1/3 of my training time... and close to 1/2 of my recovery time... NO MORE! WOO-HOO!

Get to hit chest more completely... not just the big-moves...

I'll still look like a BB'er to most... waist will get smaller... and shoulders bigger... that's not a bad thing!

rookie's slave
02-16-2004, 03:07 PM
and to all you beeatches who are calling me a curl-jockey under their breath...

:hello: :moon: :hump:


"Ladies love me, Girls adore me..."
Ya bunch of square, tank, lard-azzes! SOON... I'll be posing for CK! SO THERE!

02-16-2004, 09:14 PM
This toning **** won't last long. You'll be hitting the heavy weights soon enough. It's in your blood. :evillaugh

02-16-2004, 09:19 PM
Curl jockey!


02-20-2004, 09:44 AM
noob, clearly you needed help with a bump. ;)

rookie's slave
02-20-2004, 09:46 AM
Curl jockey!



Don't make me stick Pochohontas on your punk-azz!


rookie's slave
02-20-2004, 09:48 AM
noob, clearly you needed help with a bump. ;)

BUMP THIS! I'll give YOU a "bump" :hump:
Now get back to work and get me a raise!


rookie's slave
02-20-2004, 10:49 AM
bodyweight: 185

Seen dramatic changes in the 2 weeks back in the gym (4 workouts)
...and 3 weeks of eating properly...

Using the highly scientific LITM test... I'd say I've gained about 7 lbs of muscle and lost 8 lbs. of fat.

I think I can EASILY gain another 7-8 lbs of muscle in a few months... and only lose about 10 lbs more of fat without starting to sacrifice muscle...

Nearing April... I'll start hitting the stationary bike for 15 - 20 mins in the morning... twice / week

(You guys think this the best time to do it on a keto-diet??? There's no carbs in my system ever, really??? Would it make that much of a difference???)

I'm not going to post poundages... they're not respectable yet...
BUT... 1st time doing pull-ups with bodyweight... got 3x10
1st time doing dips in 3 yrs... 4x9 with B.W.

I'm taking my time with the poundages... as I'm lettin' my tendons and joints wake up still... elbow would get sore if I jumped into it... and shoulders would get irritated.

Going to do lots of rotator cuff work as preventative maintainance.

People in the gym after 4 sessions have come up to me and said that I'm blowing up... shoulders, back, traps, etc. That's good I guess.

For my racing, though... I don't see getting below 180 lbs... oh well.

Close-grip benchpress with the inner grip on an ez-curl bar!

In the past... as I was going for bigger excercises... I only rarely did them.. and it was AFTER a set of skulls on tricep day... to "feel the burn!" :D

They are a terriffic chest excersice, in their own right!
I have fairlywide shoulders... so when I do close-grip on a straight bar... it's all tri... until near-lockout... but with the ez-bar... the bar is closer to your sternum that your chest / neck (as I've done for upper chest in the past as well... that's scary... one slip... crush your windpipe! :D)

In that way... it's KINDA like a decline from the sternum standpoint... BUT... because your palms are more facing eachother than on a straight bar... you get a real good isolation and contraction of the pecs!!! I LOVE IT!

My previous fav / most underrated chest builder for bodybuilders was the push-up! It's almost ALWAYS forgotten! WHY? Not macho enough??? Do it at the end of your next chest workout!!! Those and HEAVY extended pull-overs were personal favs.

Now here's the ULTIMATE chest day...
Flet bench
EZ curl bench

I'm serious!
over the past year... I've been a slob.
BUT... after a night of karting... I wake up with a wicked, full, chest!!!
Rookie would be pizzed at me for making chest gains while karting... while he was bustin his hump in the gym! :moon:

ANYHOW... last night I did the ez-curl presses and some dips (tri day with a secondary focus on chest) and then went karting witha bunch of racer-buddies... This morning... I had the most put-together, full chest I can remember! VERY full and tought!!! It just flowed!

SO GET KARTING! Start sawing away at that manual steering wheel on the track! It's fun... you'll improve your driving.. and you can argue that it's beneficial to your chest!!!

Let me know if you try it and what you think... It's awesome!

rookie's slave
02-20-2004, 10:56 AM
One last thing I forgot to post above...

That employee that Rookie is always skiing with, working out with during work hrs, etc.... he came up with a new name for me...

Seeing that I now am gettin' big in the gym again... and I'm a certified race-nut....

He calls me "Fast AND Furious"
:evillaugh :strong:

02-20-2004, 11:00 AM
Don't wanna get too wide??!!!!!


.....i don't know what to say.....i don't think i have ever heard anyone say that....
getting dizzy.......short of breath ...hhhehhhiiiiihoooohoooheeeee...*hurk*wham

02-20-2004, 11:57 AM
People in the gym after 4 sessions have come up to me and said that I'm blowing up... shoulders, back, traps, etc. That's good I guess.


02-20-2004, 12:03 PM
And just think you can sue your boss for sexual harrassment the first time he slaps you on the ass for hitting a new PR! :p

02-20-2004, 12:08 PM
7lbs of muscle in 2 weeks? I think that's scientifically impossible ....... :P

Either way, stop curling and start squatting!

02-20-2004, 12:11 PM
I am sorry...the statement that you do not wanna get too wide does not compute..therfore I do not accept it. DAMMIT I wanna get so wide that amusement parks have to give me the obese people seats to ride things and I can take advantage of handicap things due to my wideness.yes If I can get that wide I would be set because of the countless discrimintaion lawsuits that would follow for a businesses failure to accomodate an entirely new breed of "Larger People"

02-20-2004, 01:23 PM
man I wish I had to option of not getting to wide. Journal is very cool so far. Good luck!

rookie's slave
02-24-2004, 07:57 AM
Weight: 187

This last weekend... 2 encouraging things happened.

1) was at a club with some friends and a dude that I've only seen one other time... last year (at a party he threw) asked me if I've been working out... I said yeah... why? He said... you weren't this big last year when I saw you last... (I'm 80% sure he wan't hitting on me)

Little did he know it was only 4 workouts since then! (5 if you count the one with Rook in Dec! :p )

2) couldn't resist the topess :doubleguns: pose... in front of my girlfriend...
She said... don't do that... you look like a dwarf! WTF???? What did she mean???

She meant... that becuause my bi's and tri's are so much bigger than they were... that it made my arms look short... short limbs.... :p While not particularly politically correct... funny as hell... and encouraging.

Not really sure why the bodyweight was up... COULD be due to weekend carb-up / related water retention... or just plain 'ol muscle gain... I want to figure the latter... but dunno. I actually expected to see 183/4 when I stepped on the scale, as I thought I looked leaner... so maybe it is muscle gain??? Who knows... stay tuned.

Woke up this morning and was greeted by my top 2 sets of abs waving hello... that was very polite of them... they are not chisled... but they made a special guest appearance... again encouraging... Seems b.f. might be getting lower... and it surely does... closer to the end of the week after 5 days of ketosis...

For racing / summer... I'll want to lose the added bodyfat... I'm convinced that it'll be quite easy if I do the following
1) reduce carb-up time to 24-36 hrs. instead of the easier / lazier 48 that I've been using...

2) throw in a BIT of cardio...
I don't particularly want to have to reduce dietary calories... as that just makes me miserable and lose concentration... not good for racing!!!! ;) tuttut

Did barbell shoulder presses last night for the first time in over 3/10ths of a decade... what a GREAT excercise! It is... and will continue to be... a staple!

Also noticed something very foreign to me... that I've not experienced in 7-8 years...
...Strength difference from side-to-side of the same muscle group!
Bi's, chest, tri's... we all have a "strong" side for each muscle group... but they got equalized within my first year of training before... it'll just take a little targeting to get them all up to speed and on the same track... Just forgot what that was like...

ALSO... realized something TERRIFFIC last night...
I LOVE jerk chicken... BUT.. I like to eat it in a tortilla (don't ask... long story... has to do with having so many Jafakin' and black friends along with spending some time in San Antonio)
BUT... carbs are limited to 30 g or so...
1 torilla has 28 g of carbs... BUT... I just trim it up a bit... shed 5 g or so... and wrap up a jerk chicken breast!!!! WICKED, WICKED!!!!

but that's my carb allotment for the day... :(

Weekend carb-up should IDEALLY involve veggies / fruits / firbe... for obvious reasons... so that's where all of my other fav. foods come into play...
NOTE: Guinness has lots of fibre and is low-cal! :alcoholic

Also get to enjoy roti, pilori, dim-sum, meat and potatos, etc! WICKED diet!!!

easy meals... (not glamorous... I said easy...)

half a pack of hot-dogs... eat 3 for lunch with mustard 2x for work-meals.

6 hard-boiled eggs for work meals.

1 pack of ground beef (regular) - approx 400 g or 1 lb. with either a TINY amount of tack seasoning and cheese... or some jerk-sauce.

Fill in gaps / humger while snacking on pistachios, watnuts, pecans, mozzarella stringable cheese, etc.

Totally survivable....
AND... any craving that you have... or food that you see in the cupboard... just put it aside and go nuts on the weekend. Surely you can wait a few days to give into your craving! By then... it's sometimes gone, anyway!

"The best way to deal with tempation is to give into it!"

rookie's slave
02-24-2004, 09:07 AM
I am sorry...the statement that you do not wanna get too wide does not compute..therfore I do not accept it. DAMMIT I wanna get so wide that amusement parks have to give me the obese people seats to ride things and I can take advantage of handicap things due to my wideness.yes If I can get that wide I would be set because of the countless discrimintaion lawsuits that would follow for a businesses failure to accomodate an entirely new breed of "Larger People"

I think you are a suffering megarexic.

rookie's slave
02-24-2004, 09:07 AM
man I wish I had to option of not getting to wide. Journal is very cool so far. Good luck!

Thanks dood! :thumbup:

rookie's slave
03-02-2004, 08:37 AM
Bodyweight: 189 - DOH!

It's official... it's definately muscle weight gain. I didn't splurge on my last 2 carb-up weekends... just ate a more "normal" diet... and I actually expected to see like 185 on the scale... as I was quite lean... especially for a Monday... and thought that I'd lost a few lbs... Nope... so that means that I'm leaner and more muscular. That's ok... as it just means that I'll look that much better when I lose 10 lbs of B.F. or so...

Starting to push "reasonable" weights again...
Got the shoulder-girdle up to speed and nicely stabilized with some rotator cuff work... makes all the difference... shoulders feel VERY secure and strong...

Still not fully coordinated and not firing all muscles at once... but am able to play with benching 2 plates and shoulder-pressing 1 plate... without MASSIVE DOMS / soreness afterwards... will likely keep these poundages going up as they are staples... Doesn't feel like a coordinated "system" yet... but that's OK. Room for improvement.

Figured out that since my workouts are on Mon. and Thurs... and weekends are carb-up times... that I'm better off saving "power-movements" (heavy, flat benching... etc.) for Mon... as I've got the carbs in the system... and am well-rested.

Thurs is better suited to muscular development / complete fatiguing of the muscle groups in question. Not worried about poundages, really... have all carb-up weekend to recover...

Last week... after Monday's workout... I experienced more soreness / DOMS than I thought was optimal... and recovery was a day slower than I'd like... Muscles felt "dry" the day after...
I've responded by trading off some weekday fat-calories for protein calories... It has been working out better I think.

Seeing as I've got no carbs in me... It's difficult to maintain energy in the gym... and even to get INTO the gym... Luckily... diet cola is my friend. I need to workout on caffeine to have any intensity at all, really. It's not that bad... but without it... I think I'd plateau was sooner... Not craving carbs, really... Not hungry either! Despite the caffeine... am sleeping much better... I've missed the deep, repairfull sleeps of the bodybuilder! Can't get away with 5-6 hrs/ though. Not on the days before a workout at least! Maybe 1 - 2 a week MAX.

Another encouraging sign... I was mentioning to my G.F. over the phone that I didn't feel like going to the gym... and I mentioned that at least I was seeing good gains... and she saw them too... when asked to explain... she mentioned that when she was curled up in my arms / lap that I was a lot firmer and with her head on my chest...

hey... if she notices... it's not all in my head! :) :cool:

All in all... everything is working out to plan... actually a bit quicker than I'd have thought... The saga continues! :evillaugh

03-02-2004, 08:42 AM
Wow, you're still here? Jeff said he was going to fire you monday morning! :p

03-02-2004, 10:35 PM
Your progress it excellent. It is noticible and no I'm not hitting on you. But you better slow your progress or kiss that raise goodbye. ;)

rookie's slave
03-11-2004, 11:38 AM
Bodyweight: 185 lbs.

Bodyweight is down 4 lbs.
COMPLETELY fine with me!

I got nervous when I saw 189 last week... gettin' too big too quick.
G.F. said I was gettin too big... She wants / likes a leaner and smaller look...

All she wants is abs to be honest...

But she'll appreciate the rest NO DOUBT! ;)

Passed out twice in the last week without having my bed-time protein-drink / meal... not good... oh well. The old me would NOT be happy about that...

I'm thinning out the calories a bit still... and getting substantially leaner...
All I nead is to lose about 5-8 more lbs of fat... and get a tan and I'd impress most... Which is good... but I think I can still lose 10 lbs of fat and pack on a 5+ lbs of muscle within 6-8 weeks.

I'm getting to the leanness level where I think I should add some light cardio into the mix so that I can lose BF without having to sacrifice muscle due caloric restriction.

I HATE going to the gym... but take the results for granted.... ironic. :confused:

As long as it's only 2 days / week... I think I can handle it...

Eating lots of cheddar, pepperroni, tuna, chicken and steak!

Jerk Back-Bacon! - SERIOUSLY! Just fry it up in a fry-pan! The pork is thin... so it cooks up nicely in the pan with the jerk sauce... (chicken done this way just doesn't work out well at all....)

It's a TOTAL canadian / white-boi kind of thing to do... but hey... I tried it... and I like it! Pretty lean too... compared to regular bacon particularly!

Can't get any wider in the upper-back for seat-fitting... So it's all about full shoulders, chest, arms and calves! :D

Abs should get some direct work soon... in the past, They've been hit REAL hard with all of the core exercises (squats, deadlifts, B.O. rows, etc.) and as a result the abs and concequently waist was never really small...

Now that I'm not doing the big excercises... I think I can get a real small waist going on... Have to do some higher-rep feel-the-burn work. :D

Physique role-models...

Frank Zane... going for that type of look... when he was really cut for competition... VERY small waist, very muscular... but well-proportioned and well-shaped... everything "went" well as a package.... NO... I don't like his package! There are some very famous shots of him with both arms over his head that are pretty awesome...

And there's this black-dood that I can't remember the name of.. HIZZUGE delts and traps... as well as arms and forearms... That's one mean lookin' dood... From the '70's and '80's... unkept afro... scary huge... like just got out of prison huge... and he never looked at all amused in any of the pics... :D

Combine the two looks and that's where I want to see myself ending up... smaller and more "natural" version of course...

Hope to look more muscular / mean than most of the bow-flex ad / underwear model guys... due to bigger delts and traps...

Still a lean and muscular look... with a bias towards slightly bigger delts and traps.

The look won't sell bow-flex's... but that's OK with me! :D

03-11-2004, 11:53 AM
Sounds like things are going well. Good job on the weight. Girls just care about the stomach. My gf told me I'm done if I lost the cuts by my obliques/abs.

Zane looked amazing and won the olympia at under 200. Segio Olivia hit the over head pose well too.

03-11-2004, 10:15 PM
Dude, I've just read your journal from the start, congrats on the great results and welcome to the board!

rookie's slave
03-12-2004, 04:10 PM
Tanks dood. :scratch:


Weight was actually at 183.5 last night in the gym.
That's good!

stay tuned... same bat time....

rookie's slave
03-16-2004, 03:36 PM
Bodyweight: 184.3 lbs.

Is what I had expected... I gain a few lbs. on the carb-up weekend... and lose a few lbs. by Thursday's workout.

Had an awesome workout... am still making really good gains.
Dips are a wicked excercise... but they are putting too much stress on my shoulder... even bodyweight aggrivates them... will have to put them aside for now... :(

Maybe bench dips will be a bit easier on them... :confused:

Shoulders, chest and traps are gettin' in good order.

Still losing a bit of b.f.... but that's likely due to my change in diet to slightly fewer calories and more protein. I think it's slowing down at this point...

Will add some cardio into the mix this week and going forward.
Will start with 10-12 mins of fat-burning cardio in the morning and work up to max. 15 mins.

IF I can stick to the cardio plan... I'll MELT the fat off of me. It's just that I always used to HATE doing it... but that's when I was all about size... so I guess you can see why it was so disliked. Now that I'm NOT going for all out cubic-space-occupation... I may have a little more patience for the damned stuff. Stationary bike is the only cardio I can take... and that's not a bad thing... since it'll hit my legs... and I've been neglecting them since they blow-up when I squat, leg-press, etc.

If I can stick to it... I'll likely lose 10 lbs. of fat within a 4-6 weeks. It's amazing what a little physical excersice can do to you! :D

LUCKILY for me... my landlord left a WICKED bike behind that uses magnetic resistance, has programs and more importantly, a heart-rate monitor / ear-lobe clip. PERFECT! I just put 4 new C-Batteries into the beast... and she fired right up!

Target bodyweight: 175 lbs. of LEAN, ripped muscle. :D We'll see if I can stick to it... I bet I can... I'm motivated for BOTH aesthetics AND race-season!

The diet is REALLY easy to stick to... no cravings... eventhough my caloric intake is less then when I was a carboholic.

The only challenge is if I go to see a friend on a weekday, or go out to lunch with work, etc... they offer me a drink, a snack, dinner, etc. Tough to say no. But I do.

Just need to remember to work on rotator cuff and stop lifting the bigger weights on upper-body compound movements.

Did some bent-over t-bar rows for the first time... it was the first time in a LONG time that I did these... almost passed out / got sick because of the recruitment of so many muscle groups at one time!!!! Not good. I think it was the abdominal contractions... haven't really used them that hard besides barbell shoulder-pressing.

03-18-2004, 08:58 AM
Hey, I'm your boss for another month! Muhahahahhaha

rookie's slave
03-19-2004, 09:53 AM
Bodyweight: 182.3

Gettin' there!

175 here I come once I get on that damned bike!

For every 10 lbs of weight reduction it equals approx. 1 hp.
BUT... having great muscle control, a strong neck, less fat so that you can feel the car and track feedback better and a "oneness" with your body are worth more.

Hence my program.
Don't mind some muscle... but weight loss is a definite and quantifiable bonus! Not only from a Hp (straight line / accelleration) perspective, but because with less weight, the car will both handle AND brake better as well....

rookie's slave
03-24-2004, 05:12 PM
Bodyweight: 179.7


Well... I abused myself on a self-imposed "dehydration program" this weekend if you know what I mean... and didn't eat for over 24 hrs. (couldn't keep the food down...) :(


Weight's in the right direction.

Did 10 mins of cardio for the first time...
And I know I'll just shed the weight.
I'm thinking that I can get to the 170 lb. range easily... if my legs don't grow too much from the cycling... they can get big fast and add a few lbs. I'm sure.

I'm thinking of getting back on more carbs... like veggies, etc.... but the cravings start then.... DOH!

In an effort to save my shoulders and wrists... I'm using lighter weights and more focus on the -ive part of the rep.

Sore as hell!

...'til next time....

rookie's slave
03-30-2004, 11:26 AM
Bodyweight - 185.3 lbs.


I started eating MODERATE carbs again as of Monday... as opposed to the Anabolic Diet which was virtually no carbs...

SOME carbs for breakfast, some for one lunch-meal and carbs AFTER a workout... that's it... taper them off in the evening, etc. Need more fibre, fruit and veggies...

WELL... after just Monday... looks like I gained 6 lbs over the weekend! I just think it's water retention from Monday's carbs... Oh well...

Had TONS more energy during the day AND in the gym... was pushing some decent weight... AND had endurance... had some strength ALL THE WAY THROUGH my workout... as opposed to before... where I had 1 or 2 excercises worth mentining from an intensity perspective...

Glad to be back... just hope I don't keep gaining.

Did cardio on Mon. morn... try some on Wed and once on the weekend if I'm lucky... still pacing myself and working up to it.

Looks like 170 lbs. might not be possible... re-aiming at 175. DAMN WATER WEIGHT!

Looking good though... and look "full" now that I'm back on low-moderate carbs. Back, shoulfers, traps, arms... all full... want to add a bit more chest size... and lose 8-10 lbs of B.F.

Scott S
03-30-2004, 11:45 AM
Carbs are good -- just try to keep that drinking in check. ;)