View Full Version : preworkout meal p+f or simply c ??

06-09-2004, 12:00 PM
I am doing a bulk. one of my meals is spilt by the gym workout. To put it in perspective, here are 3 of the 6 meals on days that i workout.

8 egg whites + 250ml (dryweight)oats + 1fruit

3slices of bread with a veggie spread
(workout after an hour or so of eating)
1scoop protein + 2tbsp dextrose + creatine (immediately after workout)

Meal#5 (about an hour after exercising)
1can tuna + 1cup potato + 1cup peas n carrots + 1fruit

Total of the day (near approx)- 3000cals/335carbs(46%)/75gfat(22%)/244pro(32%)

stats - 6'/166#/26%bf(not accurate)

I have been reading about combining P,F and C. And have come accross info that it is recommended to do a P+F meal before a workout. Does anyone have any suggestions about this? i take fish oil caps with Meal#6 (in addition to 2 tbsp olive oil). should i get rid of the sandwich at meal#5 and rearrange the pro (as i seem to be getting an adequate amount) and throw in the fish oil caps to make a P+F preworkout meal? or simply include more fats(from my intake percentage i think i can go higher):scratch:

06-09-2004, 12:06 PM
protein and carbs are great before a workout.
Think about it, you will need the short term energy before you do a rigourous workout. Also you will need to supply your body with protein both pre and post workout (that is why many people on this site suggest taking a shake immediately before and after working out. This way you can refuel the lost glycogen stores that you used up during training).

In terms of fats, i believe and I coul dbe mistaken that it is best to spread your fat intake out throughout your day. This can be achieved with flax or fish oil, and nuts (excellent source for fats) etc.