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03-09-2006, 07:38 AM
Alright well I am finally back and ready to fill you in on how things have been going. I have finally found a workout partner that has the same fire burning inside of him as I do. We are currently working out 5-6 days a week with 2 of those days devoted to cardio and calves. I haven't gained any significant weight but my strength is definitely increasing steadily. I have set a new personal record on the Bench Press (315lbs, going for 330lbs Monday) and my Leg Press is up to 12 plates. I am still rehabing my back but my squats and deads are on a steady increase. So here is how the last 3 workouts have gone

Chest: 3-6-06

BP: 135x12, 225x10, 275x8, 300x2, 315x1
Inc.: 135x10, 185x10(2)
Dec. Hammer Strength: 2PPSx12,10,8,6
Pec Dec: 160x12(3)
Cable Flyes: 15x20(2)

Legs: 3-7-06

SLDL: 110x10(3)
Lying Ham Curls: 95x20, 80x15, 65x20,75x15,100x12,85x15
Leg Ext.: 115,130,160(2)x20
Lunges: 60x20(2)
LP's: 4PPSx30, 5PPS,4PPS,3PPS,2PPS,1PPS=30Reps(2)

Arms: 3-8-06

Tri PD's: 20lbs,25lbs,25lbsx20
Skullies: 110x10,8,8,6
Vert. Dips: 12,15,15,12
Straight Bar PD's SS 1Arm PD's
DB Curls: 25x40, 30x30
Preacher: 80x8(2), 90x8(2)
Standing EZ WG: 60x12(4), 40x12
Neg. Chins: 2x30-60 sec. Neg

Sorry to put so much info on one thread but I have to play a little catch up. Nice to be back again, can't wait for feedback

03-20-2006, 02:27 PM
Pulldowns: 50x15(3), 80x8
BB Rows: 135x10, 135x8(2), 185x6
Seated Rows: 50x10(2), 60x10, SS Hammer Strength High Lat Pulls 70x10(3)
RDL's: 135x10, 185x10, 215x10
DB Shoulder Press: 65x10, 70x8, 80x10
Shoulder Blitz (ft., side, rear lat raises): 10x30(2), 15x30
Hammer Strength Shoulder Press: 90x15(3)
BB Shrugs: 90x15(3)
DB Ft. Shrugs: 80x6

03-20-2006, 02:33 PM
Squats: 135x10, 185x10, 215x8, 265x8, 315x4, 135x10
LP's: 2PPSx15, 3PPSx15, 4PPSx15, 5PPSx10, 6PPSx6
Leg Ext. 145x15, 115x15, 70x10, 25x15(one set), 130x15, 115x15, 85x15, 25x15
115x15, 85x15, 55x15, 25x15(2)
Lunges: 70x20, 70x40
SLDL: 110x15(2)
High Position LP's: 3PPSx15(2), x50
Lying Leg Curls: 85x15(3) SS Seated Leg Curls: 115x15(3)

I dreaded the drive home seeing as I drive a manual transmission Mustang.

03-20-2006, 02:38 PM
Pushdown's: 25x20,25(2)
Skullies: 100x8(4)
Vert. Dips: 15(2), 12(2)
Bar Pushdown's: 60x12(2), 40x12,15 SS 1 Arm Pushdown's: 15x10(4)
DB Curls: 25x40, 30x40
Preacher: 90x8 (4)
WG EZ Bar Curls: 50x10(3), 15
Hammer Curls: 50x8, 45x8, 35x10
Neg. Chins: 60 sec. hold(2)

Legs didn't really want to hold me up on the standing curls but I made them. I have been responding well to the heavier Preacher curls and my Triceps appear to be growing which makes my arm more proportional.

03-20-2006, 02:43 PM
Pulldowns: 42.5x15(2), 60x10(2) The pullies on this machine make this weight feel alot heavier than what it says.
BB Rows: 135x10(3)
DB Rows: 60x12, 70x8, 80x9(2)
Seated Rows: 50x10, 70x10, 60x10 SS Hammer Strength PD's: 70PSx10(3)
RDL's: 135x10, 215x6,3
BB Shrugs: 135x20, 215x10(3)
Ft. Laterals: 20x30, 25x20(2), 30x12
Side Laterals: 15x12(3)
DB Military Press: 55x12, 65x10, 80x6,10
Military Machine: 1PPSx20(2), 70PSx 20,15,10

03-20-2006, 02:44 PM
Your real strong man, you should change your bench in your sig to 315 now.

03-20-2006, 02:47 PM
Yeah man I just realized I hadn't done that yet. Thanks for pointing that out and thanks for the post.

03-20-2006, 02:55 PM
It looks like you throw around a pretty good amount of weight yourself. I am kindof at a cross roads with the decision to either pursue Bodybuilding or Powerlifting. The only thing that I worry about in the sport of powerlifting is my prosthetic knee. I am not sure how much weight that it will hold up against and I definitely don't want to be back in the hospital. I am going to my first BB show this June here in Oklahoma just to see what the competition is like and I hope that by next June I will be ready to compete. Do you train real heavy for the most part or do you spend just as much time working with endurance type lifts?

03-21-2006, 08:00 AM
Lying Leg Curls: 85x15(3), 95x20, 110x15
Squats: 135x10(2), 215x10, 245x10,8
SLDL: 80x15(2)
Lunges: 50x20, 80x20
Leg Ext.: 115x15, 85x15, 55x15, 25x15(4)
LP's: 3PPSx10, 4PPSx10, 5PPSx10, 6PPSx10, 7PPSx8

I don't know if my legs were just numb from last week or what but I can actually walk today without too much pain. I am absolutely loving how fast my legs are growing I can't wait until my weight reflects the growth. I am sticking right around 180lbs and I would love to weigh 200-205. I have been eating alot (3500-4000 cals per day/ 1.5grams+ per lbs Protein each day / Carbs are at almost a 4 to 1 ratio with the protein) I am noticing that my muscles are staying filled out and my strength is definitely improving.

03-23-2006, 03:50 PM
Inc. DB Flyes: 25x12, 35x12,15
Inc. DB Press: 60x12, 70x12, 75x12, 80x12
Pec Dec: 100reps (dropset), 130x15
DB Press: 80x12(2), 60x12(2)
Cable Flyes: 20x15, 25x15
Dec. Press: 2PPSx15(3)

WG PD's: 20, 35, 42.5x20
Pullups: 35
BB Rows: 135x10(2),8
HS PD's: 80x12, 55x12(2) ss Seated Rows: 42.5x12(2), 60x12
Deads: 135x10(2), 185x10(2)
DB Shrugs: 80x15(3) ss Upright Rows: 60x10(2)
Rear BB Shrugs: 185x15(3)
Ft. Lat Raises: 20x10, 25x10(2)
Side Lat Raises: 20x10(3)
DB Military's: 60x10, 70x10, 80x10(2)
Machine Military's: 1PPSx15, 55x15, 80x15(2)
Rear Delts: 130x10(2)
Side Cable Lats: 10x10(2)

We are planning a high volume routine for a change in pace, it will give our joints a chance to recoop from the Heavy loads that we have been doing for the past 3 months. Steady increases in strength and at least one person a day has asked me if I had started "using". I take it as a compliment and just keep pounding out the weight.