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05-26-2006, 09:14 PM
Ok, so I started in end of January / Feb. Started off running etc. being a noob thinking running was gonna make me lose weight. Got down from 172 at about 24-25% bodyfat (freshman 15 etc) to about 160 and couldn't get any lower. Consulted Built for dietary advice and follow her advice to start lifting. At that point I was 160 at about 18-19% bodyfat. Fast forward a month or so (middle of April) I decided that Dumbells were not doing anything for my chest, I wasn't improving at all with all other lifts going up no problem. Switched to BB bench. Started off at 85lbs end of April, currently repping 125 ready to move up to 135. Squat was at a steady growth, went from 165 to 205 for reps right now. Deadlift started at repping 185, then moved up to 205 for reps - messed up my diet beggining of may and lost a lot of grip strenght and had to drop it till I got my grip back (I'm doing static holds with 155lbs right now).

I'm looking for some critizizm right now, obviously my chest needs work.
Current stats:
Weight 160
Height: 5'6
Bf: 15-16%
Arms: 13.25 cold / 14.25 flexed
Chest: 39
Forearms: 10.75
Quads: 23.5
Calves: 15

Onto pics:

Side "Chase" style arms shot:

Ass (sorry about the graphic content lol):


Back Double Bi:

Front Double Bi:

Lat Spread:

Relaxed front:


And some pics of me at 18-19% for comparison (yet again, serious graphic lovehandle content)

Back (no those are not gremlins living under my skin on my lower back...)
Front (not as gruesome, but still not cool at all)

05-26-2006, 09:22 PM
Great work so far on cutting fat.

I think that you are at a weight and composition at this point where you could start a clean bulk to really get big. You are pretty short so looking huge won't be much of a problem- and you look like you have a great base for it. I say keep up the good work- try a 5x5 routine for your chest if you aren't already.

Good work!

05-26-2006, 11:27 PM
Do you take any supplements? Looking sharp man. Keep at it and the results will come. I like to do the 5x5 routines so you might give that a shot.

05-27-2006, 10:09 AM
Yeah, creatine and protein as far "supplements" go.

I've been using the 5x5 routine for all compound lifts and it seems to be working wonders (from repping 85lbs on bench to 135 in 5 weeks).

Thanks for the input, as far as my diet goes im slowly trying to swtich to carb cycling.