View Full Version : Now I'm kicking myself

02-22-2007, 05:12 AM
Having just read the Sydney power lifting results, I realise that there was a hole in the 82.5kg divsion, this would of being my division. Technically M1 82.5, but it didn't matter about the age divsion, I would of won out right.


I'm on my L plates when it comes to power lifting, having never done squats and having an injured shoulder, my opening safe lifts would of been;
Bench 80kg/176lbs
Squat 100kg/220lbs
Deadlift 140kg/308lbs
Giving me a total of 320kg/706lbs or 5kg/11lbs higher than the winner.
Going up 10kg per lift would of given me a absolute max total of 380kg/836lbs, but lets fail some of those lifts for a total of say 350kg/770lbs.

Having said that I would of being done badly in any other division. ha ha.