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04-25-2007, 02:29 PM
Trying to loose straight up body fat while keeping my strength. i weigh 260, and am 6'1. my lifts are good numbers, but i need to loose fat. Right now i am using protien powder from walmart, 25g. i take a scoop with some water in the morning at like 8. then when i get home at 12 i have been eating a lot of chicken, a little bread. also have been drinking a gallon of water every day. i take a scoop of protien before workout and after also. then for dinner i just try to eat protien again (eggs, chicken, whatever i can get my hands on). I also eat fruit when its at my house, bananas, apples. i have been doing this for about 3 days and i feel great but i am confident i am doing something wrong as when it comes to nutrition, im a noob. Can someone help me out or give me advice? thanks