How much muscle can you gain?

If you are someone who is just getting into serious workouts then one question that you might have already asked yourself is how much muscle you can gain. In fact, this is one of the most asked questions that instructors get whenever they see someone new join a gym. Usually these are part of new year resolutions while others might be frequent gym goers who want some professional advice. The fact is, many people set unreal expectations which then lead to a lack of dedication when they don’t see the huge changes that they expected over a short period of time.

Fact is, our body is a complex system and like any complex system the answer cannot be found with just one thing. Gaining muscle is a long process that also benefits your health and requires a close look at your training regiment, your nutrition intake and how you control your body’s fat levels. Fat needs to be cut or bulked up based on your body type and the kind of workouts that you have been doing. Muscle gain is not done with a single dramatic technique and requires a proper blend of training, dedication and nutrition.

Mass gainers are fairly popular among people who wish to gain muscles but find themselves underweight. This is quite common so people tend to pick whichever mass gainer they could find and get started but we are here to help you make a better choice. We have curated a list of the best mass gainers in the market so that you don’t have to sort through 100s of options so that you can pick one that is best for you!