How to do cardio if you must

If you are looking to get started with workouts to build your body then cardio is an essential part of it. However, when you are training in cardio you should understand the pros and cons of different types of cardio and follow proper training regiments. Things like breathing are also essential things to consider when doing cardio training.

It is also very important to remember that as with any training you should let your body ease into it and not force yourself with a crazy training regiment in one go. Proper rest, proper diet and proper training are the three key factors in achieving the body that you aim for and compromising on any of these factors can make your training ineffective or be bad for your health.

Many people who are into cardio also choose to get into weight lifting if your body goals are aimed even higher. While not too difficult to get into, just like cardio training you must be fully prepared before adding weightlifting to your day to day training schedules. In this case the proper gear is also highly recommended which is why we have put together a buyers guide just for you. Take a look at our picks for the best weightlifting shoes in the market. These are often overlooked but can make a massive difference in your training experience which is why we are recommending the best options.