Nutrient Timing

If you are someone who is looking for muscle growth or even fat loss then you must have surely heard about nutrient timing. What it means is consuming food at specific times allows you to have predictable improvements. Fundamentally, whenever we take a protein shake after a hard workout – That’s what proper nutrient timing is.

Consuming the proper nutrients at the right time can help you make your workouts more efficient, more effective and will help you achieve the body goal that you desire. As for the nutrients those can come in any form, from controlling your normal diet to planning how you intake supplements, protein shakes etc. One thing to keep in mind is it’s not just the timing but the quality of the food you consume that will also make a fair bit of difference.

Creatine is the common supplement of choice and if your training professional has recommended you this to add to your workouts and you are left wondering what’s the best creatine supplement then we are here to help you make the choice. We have curated a list of the best creatine supplements on that market that you should surely check out!