To bulk or to cut that is the question or is it

When deciding whether you should bulk up or cut down there are a few key factors to remember. If you are a man that has more than 15% body fact then it is recommended to cut down on it, however, if you are a woman then 25% is when you should consider cutting.

As far as actually bulking up is concerned, many people over estimate how much fat they need work on before deciding to bulk up. If you are a man and has a body fat of 10% then it’s time to start bulking up, while this value can be considered 20% for women.

When you training your body you should not just focus on bulking up or cutting. In fact, one of the best ways to build up your body is with a proper balance between bulking up and cutting down whenever necessary.

One of the best ways to bulk up is plenty of exercise that is properly coupled with the right foods. Mass gainers are one of the most ideal solutions to add to your workouts. We have curated a list of the best mass gainers in the market so you can pick the one that is best for you.